Fugod Released The Gritty Single, “Hard Regin Vol. 1”

Fugod is an up and coming New Orleans rapper who shakes up the underground music platform, bringing back greater music in his city’s style!

He released his single “Hard Regin Vol. 1” that begins with a gun shot sound right before the gutter like beat comes in. the grittiness and aggressive delivery makes this single a hit! The rawness that’s in every punchline is unpredictable yet consistent. Fugod gives you this confident and edgy appeal to his artistry while staying true to the hip-hop roots that founded the culture of rap. He’s a lyricist who knows how to get a party started with a hype beat. Who doesn’t love a rap song that gets us crunk? “Hard Regin Vol. 1” is that type of record that gets you amped up with a high-level of energy you just can’t contain. Fugod successfully showed us his high caliber of skills as an rapper. He can easily become one of the industry next leading faces with a song as diverse as “Hard Regin Vol. 1”. The possibilities are endless with this rapper!

Check out "Hard Regin Vol. 1" here, and keep scrolling for Fugod's interview with us at BuzzMusic!

Thank you for joining us Fugod! Mind telling us a bit about your upbringing?

God is a big part of my upbringing, God opens up doors and bless with countless blessings.

What motivated you to pursue music? What or who would consider some of your main inspirations/influences and why?

My motivation comes from my everyday life and you can hear it in my music but I jest started making music, and writing about 2years ago. The inspiration came from me not being able to speak my mind as much, always holding back (but that's a good thing to stay humble) And the music gives me a lane to speak the truth.(Cause the truth will set you free). What Influenced me is the culture of Hip-Hop, and being able to rhyme a poem and tell your story at the same time. (Artists like Tupac Shakur and the Notorious BIG).

Let’s talk about your music! How would you describe your sound?

A real, and authentic New Orleans native sound. Underground rap music we call it. ( More like when "No Limit" owner Master P jumped on the music scene). Real Rap Music.

What was the major theme behind “Hard Regin Vol. 1”? Answer: The major theme! Is I was reading the Holy Bible and I was reading how Jesus Christ will regin forever and ever. And at that moment I wrote down "Hard Regin Vol.1" and after I finish reading and writing, I keep thinking that; like My Lord and Savior Jesus Christ I want my music to regin also. But that's where I got my theme from.

What’s next for you Fugod?

I'm working on a album called "God's Son" instrumentals by legion beats (IG:@legionbeats). And currently writing a short film called "New Warleans" It's about good vs evil. When God speaks to one man, God saves the man's faith. Which causes a chain of violent events.


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