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Futuristic Exploration Meets the Mind-Altering Sounds of Auggie Velarde

Auggie Velarde is an avant-garde artist from the new era of contemporary music. Blurring the lines between genres and what it means to be an artist, Auggie Verlade incorporates technology, experimentation, futuristic aesthetics, and highly addictive melodies into his mysterious project.

By design, he keeps an anonymous identity - a true portrait of the digital age we live in, a world of bits and strings of code that flow through a network of entities that can hardly be described as humans anymore.

Recruiting the talents of blackwinterwells in his most recent release of “Flare,” we’re exposed to a revolutionary take on the mind-altering genres that Auggie Velarde seamlessly meshes together. Using a thorough combination of high and low frequencies to portray his digital aged imaging of unique offerings, we’re enthralled with the manner that Auggie Velarde brings to life to numerous soundscapes on a single track.

Taking control of the intensity that is depicted in the delivery conveyed, we’re hooked on the transitioning that happens as triumphant sounds simmer in the rare hybrid of EDM meets Pop tenors. It’s hard to box Auggie Velarde in as he checks numerous boxes in multiple sounds achieved. “Flare” truly exposes you to a wide range of his artistic styles as you find yourself falling into an imaginative wave of craftiness that piques your interest in the overall process that runs rampage in the mind of the creator.

Auggie Velarde has us clicking replay on this song as he delves into subject matter, reflecting abstract lyricism that touches on others telling him to slow his roll while he stands his ground. “Flare” acts as a tour guide through the intricately weaved thoughts of Auggie Velarde making their way to brilliant creations.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Auggie Velarde, we love the sounds explored in your most recent single, “Flare.” What was it like working with blackwinterwells in order to bring forth the desired sound?

Hi, thanks for having me and for the support. Shoutout to blackwinterwells. I had the wonderful opportunity of working with wells on our song “Flare” and the creative process was magical to me. It was such a smooth and effortless collaboration experience. The music, melody, everything just kind of fell into place every time something was added to the track. To me, it almost felt like the music took over and was the one instructing what had to be done, instead of the other way around. The experience keeps me inspired and motivated to this day. I wrote the lyrics of that track when I was in a really dark place and every time I hear that song now it helps me reflect and look back on how far we have come. We’ll all get through this, like “light through the smoke”.

In your own words, what does the messaging of this song mean to you?

Flare is about hope, even in the darkest of times. I used to be very closed up emotionally, bottling up my feelings, and exploding in depression – when I was alone. It really almost feels like you are drowning or succumbing to the darkness. Lately, I’ve been trying to open up more and it’s been helping me deal with this. A lot of times, it can really feel like there is no way out but in reality, a lot of these mental issues can come from a place of perspective (at least from my experience). Hope keeps us motivated and feeling alive. Hope is that light that can save us. Hope is like a flare that can guide us when we are lost or can let others know we need help.

How did you get started with such a creative genre of music that you can call your own?

Honestly, I just make what my soul wants in that very moment. I try not to limit myself to genres. I’d probably describe my music as eclectic (maybe others could consider it versatile if they want to share a compliment haha). My influences come from a variety of different places and I care more about making what I’m feeling than chasing a particular sound. I get inspired and I create - the music styles and moods fluctuate quite a lot but at the same time, you may notice there may be some attributes that tie all my work together (perhaps because they were created by the same person). I started by playing around with music. It’s something I always love doing and always will. Once you leave expectations out, you can free yourself and make what you really feel. Everyone is already unique after all.

What are you hoping that listeners take away from your main messaging as an artist?

When I was a kid, I always wanted to be like someone else. Why did “they” have this, and I didn’t. Why could I not do such and such when others had the liberty to do so. Growing up, honestly, this persisted in a subtler way and I came to realize this was common behavior. We compare ourselves. We compete in a never-ending competition where nobody really ever wins – we just all lose. I’ve gone through a good deal of both negative and positive experiences in my life. I’m very fortunate because, in my quest for a purpose, I realized that appreciating the journey is really what matters the most and I feel like not everyone gets a chance to notice this. As life flies by, I try to enjoy what I have and who I am. To put it simply, I’m just a human that found love in music and hope in technology. I try to be true to myself and I hope listeners of my music can join me in this journey. I’m not sure where it will take me but I am excited about the future.

What's next for you?

I’m really excited to create more music and for my upcoming Livestream show. I have a lot of new content I’ve been working on and it’s been keeping me sane. I’ve been living the life of a hermit lately (because of the pandemic) but I’ve been using this time to work on my art and be productive. If anyone wants to keep up with what I’m up to, feel free to check out my website or follow me on any platform:



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