G.Baby Brings Us to Paradise With “Touch Your Body”

G.Baby released his single titled “Touch Your Body” featuring the artist S Pri and this song is club ready! Listening to this song I instantly began dancing alongside the rhythm. The dancehall paradise vibe it gives felt musically exotic while it sucks you into the song and opens a pathway to escape for the listener. Listening to “Touch Your Body” was not only a sensational experience, but it placed you in an imaginative setting that helped you enjoy the dimensions of the song to its fullest. There were various elements in “Touch Your Body” that we thoroughly loved but the production of the beat takes the cake. It’s the instrumentation and beat that made the song be a rhythmically powerful hit! G.Baby shows us his rap skills are versatile and elite as he spits bars on this pop-driven, afrobeat instrumental.

Although G.Baby is finding networking to be challenging for him, his quality of music makes you WANT to know more about him and his artistry. A hit song like “Touch Your Body” was all he needs to bring the right buzz towards him and gain the correct amount of traction. This song will undeniably grow G. Baby fanbase into much larger epidemics. The rhythm, melody, and lyrical approach was all a great combination that produced a stellar record.

Listen to “Touch Your Body” by G.Baby here.

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