Gabbi Mixx and Yung Meme are a Musical Forcefield

Coming from North Carolina, Gabbi Nixx combines many elements from Funk, to Rock, and R&B, along with satirical lyrics and a mysterious nuance.

Joining forces with Yung Meme, a Hip-hop artist hailing from Columbia, South Carolina, the unique headspace that we tap into is meshed together with Yung Meme’s raw energy and rage, Defining the gritty upbeat sound that continues to propel him further towards stardom, the collective of this artist give listeners a taste of their universe.

Delving into the collaborative efforts of “Hey Mista Meme,” Gabbi Nixx and Yung Meme lure us into an enticing world that’s catered to their magnetic panache. The mid-tempo to upbeat fusion that has our speakers jumping asks us to surrender to a mind-altering soundscape that provides listeners with the best of both worlds.

Gabbi Nixx has such exclusive confidence that shimmers in the poise she carries. Her wide vocal range elevates her to places that we beg to explore, as we sink our teeth into the oozing charisma that has her soul-infused timbres blending with charisma. Yung Meme effortlessly slips into this beat with his icy cadences. Applying his lyrical dexterity as he approaches a melismatic vocal delivery, the reverberated echoes that radiate from his performance remain stimulating.

The pair of artists illuminate the stage brightly as they make an impact on their genre-bending offering of, “Hey Mista Meme.” The vigor that they share is unparalleled as the manner in which they complement each other’s styles is presented in such a boisterous way.

It’s only up from here for both Gabbi Nixx and Yung Meme as they continue to shine individually and as a dynamic duo. Be sure to add “Hey Mista Meme,” to your favorite playlist; and be prepared to hit repeat.

Congratulations on the release of your single, “Hey Mista Meme.” How did this collaboration come to be?

Beyond grateful to be here! Yung Meme and I are artists who admire each other stylistically and so we decided to take it a step further. We honestly didn’t know if a collaboration between us would sound right in the beginning! We’re very different artists in a musical sense and so we went into the process knowing that the track would be a hit or miss. I basically just sashayed on the track with my verse and then I sent it back to Meme who got it done and booming in record time and we had a finished song within the span of a few hours.

What’s the overall thesis of this track? What are you hoping your listeners take away from this?

Strangely enough, this is one of the only songs to my name that doesn’t have some deep, metaphorical meaning to it! Meme is more of a lighthearted creator who has a talent for creating music with really fun energy and so I tried to channel the same airy nature when writing my verse. Essentially, we’re both just hyping each other up throughout the song and hopefully, it gets our listeners in the same gassed up, feeling yourself, type of mindset.

Could you please take us into the creative process that was endured for “Hey Mista Meme?"

When working with rappers, I normally take on a DooWop Girl-like persona where I introduce them or tell their tale in my funky, melodic way. Then the rapper usually just uses that for leverage to blow themself up further and it works out fine. Yung Meme, however, threw me my same energy back in a different package if you will, and it created a very unique and dope dynamic between us! It was definitely the type of combo that you can’t create with just anyone!

Can we expect more collaborations from you two in the future? What was it like working with one another?

Hell yeah! Meme actually has our track set on a really bitchin ', and carefully curated album that he’s releasing in late April- which everyone should totally check out by the way aha! But yeah, we definitely will find more sounds to blend and push our genre boundaries even further in the future! Working together was actually much easier than one would think. As an artist who primarily relies on singing vocals and original bass lines, it’s always interesting to work with rappers who focus more on straight recitative. Yung Meme just has this impressive way of freestyling his way into any verse and it makes for a sonic quick and refreshing kinda flow! We easily pushed each other a little out of our comfort zones to blend in the boldest fashion! And at the end of the day, that’s what creating art is all about!


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