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Gabbi Nixx Shows Us Her “Scarz,” With An Explosive New Single

Hailing from North Carolina, mixing eclectic sounds with contrasting lyrics and a pinch of dynamite is the artist, Gabbi Nixx. Nixx regularly pursues both theatre and music. Combining many elements from funk to rock and R&B, along with mysterious nuances, Gabbi Nixx puts the listeners in a unique headspace with her cool new single, "Scarz."

"Scarz" opens up with some very soft, catchy, and soulful keys. Were instantly hooked by one of the most original sounding vocals we've heard in a long time. "I seem to fantasize, of a life where we had never met" - captured by this opening line, were then met by Gabbi's magnetic performance energy and upbeat production. Gabbi's unapologetic attitude throughout the song has us bobbing our heads as Gabbi takes on a journey with what feels like a city street anthem.

The new wave production gives us jazzy, hip hop, and experimental elements that refresh our senses. The rebellious and graphic lyrics are wild and dark, yet the record itself is fun and light. We're super excited to hear more from the eccentric Gabbi Nixx.

Invigorate your senses and listen to Gabbi Nixx's "Scarz" today.

Welcome to BuzzMusic Gabbi Nixx! Congratulations on your new fresh single, "Scarz." What event inspired you to create this dynamic piece of art?

Thank you so much! I love this blog, so it's always a pleasure to feature with y'all. With the song, I'm not sure that it was a specific event but rather a collection of similar events that pissed me off enough to aim it all at one entity. I got really riled up after I finally blocked this broke-ass jerk that I used to simp for and just vented with the thought of every guy that I hate in mind. There are only like two of them, but I dislike them enough to make some lyrics of it!

Your lyrics are absolutely brilliant! As fun as this record is, there is a tremendous amount of pain and heartbreak that is expressed throughout the song. What was your writing process like? Was it difficult to vocalize this hurt and desire for revenge?

Yeah, I got really broody with this one! The writing process was actually much easier than it would've been for some happy-go-lucky track, though. When I'm in a mood that consists of anything painful, the pen moves by itself. I get into a little storytelling trance, and I feel so much better when the song is done. I always compare it to that little scene where Regina George is writing in her Burn Book, and she's screaming the entire time. If I'm screaming while I'm writing a track, I know it's gonna be a cool one.

We can hear your theatrical background trickle into your music! When did your creative journey begin? Which passion came first, music? Or theatre? Or was it simultaneous?

Music came way before, but I got into theatre my freshman year of college and have since been doing it. I do more musical theatre shows than regular theatre, but I love the drama that comes with them both! It helps with music alot too, when you can channel a character while writing a song and direct it from their point of view. Scarz was one of those tracks where I played a supervillain and just put all the loathing that I could into it.

Your stylistic shifts on "Scarz" are both impressive and refreshing. We were so curious to hear who some of your major artistic influences are?

Thank you so much! I appreciate that way more than you know. I try not to have any intentional influences, but I do believe that the music you listen to unconsciously festers and directs your creativity in certain directions. Some of my most listened to artists are Prince, Parliament-Funkadelic, Outkast, Erykah Badu, the late Betty Davis, and I've been trying to get into more modern creative geniuses such as Tyler the Creator or The Nova Twins.

What's next for you?

I have absolutely no clue, haha! When something inspires me to create it, I put out music, and I'm constantly inspired. I hope that in 2022 I really buckle down on a specific sound that showcases my best, and I roll with it. Consistency is the goal this year!


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