Gabriel Eli + Kayln Take Us On A Vacation, With Their New Single, "Hi"

Gabriel Eli is a singer, songwriter, and music producer based in Nashville, TN. Blending elements of dynamic and energetic pop vocals with more sultry and emotional RnB tendencies, Gabriel is a multi-genre artist who has worked with DJs and producers all over the globe.

Kayln is an American singer, songwriter, and California native. Her pop melodies and relatable lyricism leave you captivated. Drawing inspiration from artists such as Kelly Clarkson, Katy Perry, and Taylor Swift, Kayln offers a familiar but refreshing upbeat pop sound.

The two met via Facebook in 2020. Gabriel was looking for new artists to work with, and Kayln was looking for the right producer. After a Zoom writing session, they realized their styles were remarkably similar, making working together effortless.

During a time of worry and confusion, the two wanted to create an uplifting and hopeful song. Gabriel Eli and Kayln's new single "Hi," is a contemporary pop love song that brings a sense of nostalgia to the listener. It's the kind of record you would hear on the radio or put on during a fun road trip that puts everyone in a happy, excited, and optimistic mood.

The track starts off with some beautiful airy chords. As the song progresses, it picks up pace, followed by a beat drop, giving the song a tremendous amount of bright energy. Gabriel's suave male vocal blends perfectly with Kayln's smooth female vocal, creating a true match made in heaven.

The single gives off serious California vibes. It's like a vacation in song form. The chorus "All you had to say was hi" is sweet and catchy. The lyrics encourage the listener to approach that special someone and let them know how they feel. Sometimes it takes just one encounter, one precious moment, to completely change our outlook. Sometimes, all it takes is for someone to simply say... "Hi."

Congratulations on your new single "Hi"! We love how you've created a vacation for us in song form! Can you tell us a little bit about the creative process behind "Hi"? Where did the idea spark from, and how did it come to life?

Kayln: Yay! Thank you! Gabriel had a track that he had started but never finished. So he sent it over to me, and I instantly vibed with it. I had the melody and idea for "hi" in my song bank, and I thought … this would be great for this track! It fit perfectly.

Gabriel: Thank you so much! So the song originally started as a rough demo I wrote with a co-writer of mine named Jacob Frish back in 2019. We wrote a song called "pulling me in" with a very different lyrical concept and different production. I didn't end up doing anything with the song for a while until I connected with Kayln, and I sent her a bunch of WIP tracks I had in storage - "Pulling Me In" is one of them! She liked the production and some of the melodies, so we got together over Zoom and basically wrote a whole new song which ended up being "Hi"! Kayln and I explored some different lyrical ideas until eventually settling on the concept of writing around the idea of how sometimes you can look for love unsuccessfully in all the wrong places and often when you finally let go and just stop trying to force things, someone or something may come into your life when you least expect it and change everything.

The production behind the single is brilliant! It makes us wanna dance and get lost in the moment. What came first? The vocals or the composition? Did you guys have anyone help you bring all of the musical elements together?

Gabriel: Thank you! So we started with a demo production I had produced back in 2019, which I then completely re-produced from scratch after Kayln and I finished writing the initial song over the old demo production. I produced the song myself in my home studio with a little assistant producer help from my good friend and amazing producer Aron Rosing in Nashville, TN. The record was mixed by my friend and phenomenal mix engineer Carl Bahner out of Philly and mastered by the Australian legend Nicholas Dilorenzo with Panorama Mastering.

Kayln: Gabriel is insanely talented and has such a keen ear for pop music. I had thought of the hook "all you had to say was hi" one day while stuck in traffic on the 101. So when he presented the track to me, it instantly made me scroll through my voice memos to find that melody! I was thrilled at how well it fit the track. Then we just built the song from there! Gabriel made the track more and more mesmerizing, and Carl's mix and Nic's master made it completely come to life.

You mentioned that we can often get overwhelmed by daily life, which may lead to missed opportunities. What advice would you give to someone who currently feels stuck in a cycle?

Kayln: Take a step back and really make an effort to observe everything around you. If someone told you.. "Look around you and name all of the red objects that are red…" then without looking around a second time, name all of the yellow things. You wouldn't know what was yellow because you were only focused on finding the red! Opportunities are everywhere, all around us at all times. We just have to be open to seeing and receiving them.

Gabriel: Do something spontaneous you wouldn't normally do. Take a drive to a waterfall. Take yoga or jiu-jitsu class. Join a kickball league or go to a cooking class!

Getting outside of your comfort zone is the best way to grow, and you would be surprised what kind of friends or opportunities might come your way.

You guys have made a beautiful duet of a song. Aside from each other (since it already happened, haha), who would be your dream collaboration?

Kayln: There are so many talented artists I admire and would love to work with. But if I had to pick just one, I think it would be James Bay. His songwriting is impeccable.

Gabriel: I personally would love to work with Cheat Codes or Lost Kings, but honestly, I would much rather work with artists who are at a similar point in their career as I am. I enjoy growing with the people around me rather than reaching to work with a bigger artist who is already established.

What's next for you?

Kayln: More and more music! I have some solo releases planned for this spring/summer, and I'm thrilled to share more of my original material! Lots of live shows, lots of collaborating, lots of creativity, and being thankful for every moment I get to spend doing what I love!

Gabriel: I have a load of label releases that have come out this year, as well as many more to come over the following months! I am looking forward to branching out more into the EDM toplining world and collaborating with artists from all over the world in different genres.

Aside from continuing to put out consistent music, I would love to be able to travel the US more and make music in different studios, and I also look forward to performing live both for myself this year as well as with artists I produce for.