GEN64 Takes Us Into the 90s With Their Latest Music Video For "SAME WAVE"

Hailing from Toronto, Ontario, the alternative hip-hop trio GEN64 introduces us to their aesthetic with a sonically and visually satisfying music video for their single "SAME WAVE."

Making up GEN64 are Lush Lightyear, Mani, and producer DEYS. While the name 'GEN64' gives an ode to Nintendo 64, the brand also incorporates nostalgic elements and retro aesthetics to deliver its authentic creative approach. A decade in the making, GEN64 now strives to establish themselves as innovators in the industry, especially among South Asian artists worldwide.

Elaborating on their music video for the pop-rap single "SAME WAVE," GEN64 introduces us to their brand with the engaging and energetic scenes throughout the well-shot video. While both Lush Lightyear and Mani offer their conceptual bars through an uplifting performance at an arcade, producer DEYS backs them up to join the fun.

The music video's opening scenes for "SAME WAVE" begins with an upbeat arcade coming to a close while the worker puts her AirPods in and prepares for the closing clean-up. Lush Lightyear then takes the spotlight and begins rapping in the retro arcade while telling us his story of investing in his dreams until they come to fruition.

Switching up the scenery for Mani's verse, he's accompanied by the rest of GEN64 on a stair-well and takes us through similar concepts of manifesting his goals and watching them come to life. Continuing through the video, we're met with several reappearances of the arcade worker jamming away to GEN64's banger while disconnecting from reality and getting lost in the sweet sonics and messages of GEN64.

We love the uplifting tones and engaging feel of your recent music video for the single "SAME WAVE." How can we get to know your group better through this song and video?

Hopefully, people can see that we have fun with the entire process. It was our first release after taking almost a full year off, so we put a lot of time and thought into the feel of the video. The song itself is all about staying patient and working tirelessly towards your goals, which is the stage we feel we're at right now, so it was the right song to break the silence with. What inspired the arcade scenes within your music video for "SAME WAVE?" The 64 in our group name is a reference to the Nintendo 64, so it felt like a good opportunity to establish that aesthetic. We try to be intentional with our visuals and the vibe of the arcade perfectly fits the mood of the song. Did you work with any directors or producers to further execute your music video for "SAME WAVE?" We worked with Yassine Aouatif (@yassinevisuals), the man is a prodigy. We told him our idea and what we wanted to do and he made it come to life exactly how we wanted. This guy pulls up with the tiniest camera and little do you know he's plotting a movie like a young Scorsese.

We've heard that "SAME WAVE" is the first release of an extensive rollout plan for your group. What should we expect from this rollout period? You can expect music every month and a diverse range of sounds and genres. Hopefully, by the end of the year, people can see the versatility we offer as a group. In the past, we spent too much time overthinking about what to release and how it would be received, which led to us sitting on a lot of good music. We eventually realized we just need to empty the vault and let the music do the talking.

What can we expect to see next from you? Listen, all we can say is it involves aliens and a stolen ice cream truck. The next one is going to be super fun.