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Get a Rise Out of "Peggy Sue," by Glitter Moneyyy

Glitter Moneyyy is the partying, feminist Hip-hop answer to today’s toxic socio-political hellscape. Juxtaposed against a backdrop of glitter bombs, champagne straight from the bottle, and mosh pits of ass shaking, this best friend duo is a serious contender in the Hip-hop scene.

Their unapologetic charisma, charm, and confidence immediately take center stage as they charge their fans, “The Glitter Honeyyys,” to stand up for what they believe in and to love themselves fiercely.

Hypnotic to the core, Glitter Moneyyy’s latest track is a queer sex anthem that is sure to have you charged up. “Peggy Sue” fills the speakers with hard-hitting energy that this female powerhouse duo produces upon impact. Lifting the barriers around sexual empowerment, Glitter Moneyyy has you entranced in vivid imagery and a lyrical scheme that will blow your mind.

With each verse of the song playing upon the last, a two-part hook is displayed to secure the attention of their rapidly rising fan base. Ensuring that they don’t skip a beat, the instrumentation paired with the playfully worded substance has us up and out of our seats. Allowing this anthem to be a voice for the LGBTQ community, “Peggy Sue” speaks for itself.

Glitter Moneyyy has an indisputable method that they put into effect as you hear the dynamism thrive through enigmatic cadences and prevailing hues.

Seasoned in their artistic techniques, Glitter Moneyyy knows what to bring to the table and how to serve it. Intricately fashioned down to the detail, the hard work and dedication are primal as Glitter Moneyyy lights the inner flame inside themselves and their audience. Stirring up the sensual and direct sounds of “Peggy Sue,” Glitter Moneyyy is vibrant to the touch with this proficient knockout.

Congratulations on the latest release of, “Peggy Sue.” What inspired you to create the vivid soundscape that is a queer sex anthem?

Queen Trashley: Peggy Sue is an expression of our sexual prowess and sensuality. So often sex is only viewed through the lens of heterosexuality.

TayyySlayyy: We wanted to hear a sexy song about more than a penis in a vagina.

Queen Trashley- And we wanted it to groove. Super inspired by Ludacris and Shawna and the early 20’s sex music. That shit you’d have to stay up really late at night to catch on BET Unut.

What are you hoping to stir up inside of listeners as they take in all that is “Peggy Sue?"

Queen Trashley: We want our listeners to feel sexy and liberated. To put this song on, look in the mirror, and seduce themselves. Every song we make is arousing, rather it is sexually arousing, politically arousing, self-esteem arousing, etc. We’re here to arouse and spark something in everyone that hears our music. For Peggy Sue particularly, it’s a little reminder that we all deserve pleasure.

TayyySlayyy: To pleasure and be pleasured! People can have sex any way they want with whoever they want, as long as consent is involved. No more shame.

Every artist moves differently with the way that they create. Could you please share a glimpse of the creative process that you endured when crafting “Peggy Sue?"

Queen Trashley: We start every songwriting process by hanging out, telling jokes, gossiping, and laughing. For real, this band is a product of two best friends. In the middle of all of that, I looked up one day and was like “I wanna write a song about my strap.” And so it was.

TayyySlayyy: Peggy Sue came out of us each discovering what turns us on, how we like to fuck, and how sexy it is to share all of our sexual proclivities with our partner.

How important is it to speak honesty and vulnerability into the music that you create?

Queen Trashley: Honesty in our art is everything to us. We like to tell it like it is. Our mantra is "let it all hang out."

What's next for you?

Queen Trashley: We have some surprises coming this year. We’re working on an EP and an album. And as soon as it’s safe, we plan on performing live as often as possible. Our live shows are NUTS. Lots of dancing, jumping, and shouting. Tons of glitter. Instead of a mosh pit, we have a twurk pit. We go hard on making a safe place for people to come wild out and find community.

TayyySlayyy: We’re looking forward to getting back to that. Live performance is everything to us because we get to embrace our fans and gas them up for the wonderfully sexy, confident people they are.




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