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Get Down With King DaV's Bouncy Single, "In My Dreams (Vibes)"

Coming in from Yonkers, NY, the Artist, and Rapper King DaV releases a vibe of the times with his recent hit, "In My Dreams (Vibes)," off his album, 'Coronation.'

Thanking his friends and mentors for introducing him to the rap game, King DaV now uses songwriting as an emotional outlet while telling tales that reflect his life experiences. As his passion for the craft grew, so did his talent, landing King DaV amid the music industry's storm. 

Through his recent hit, "In My Dreams (Vibes)," King DaV sets sail into the sweet tune with his melodic vocals and textured bars, offering positivity and confidence on a silver platter. With the song's natural warmth through the bouncy Hip-Hop/Trap production, we love the organic and authentic spin that King DaV executes within this piece. 

"In My Dreams (Vibes)" begins with filtered keys, offering the track bright and luscious elements from the jump. As King DaV makes his vocal appearance, he begins to deliver sweet melodies while singing of someone he has his eyes on. 

Continuing further into the bright and bouncy track, the song's production offers heightened vibes through each intricately arranged aspect that screams modern-day Hip-Hop. While King DaV goes back and forth from his melodic vocals to his rhythmic bars, we're highly impressed with the depth he's brought to this track, as his delivery is truly dynamic and versatile. 

Ending the song with the ever so catchy hook, King DaV has blown us away with his single "In My Dreams (Vibes)," as he basks in all the glory and positivity that the world needs these days. 

Listen to the full album, 'Coronation,' here.


What inspired you to create your single "In My Dreams (Vibes)," surrounding the utmost positivity and confidence?

The song "In My Dreams" stemmed from classic inspiration. I was at a point musically where I wanted to make catchier music. Something that listeners can vibe to and feel good when they hear it. I was so happy to finally make something like that. Also, something with a chorus was on the list of things I wanted to do musically as well. What can I say? The King aims to please 

Was there a certain lyrical message behind "In My Dreams (Vibes)" that you wanted listeners to take away? What was your songwriting process like?

There wasn't really a huge message. I love to take those who listen to my work on a journey or tell an entertaining and well-told story. In this case, the story is when you see a girl at the party or function and the chase is on. Time to spit game to her. My creative process is very simple when making songs like this. Every beat lays a base for a story to be told. My process is listening for it and once I feel there's something there that I can relate to, I start writing. That's all there is to it. I love being creative in this way.

Did you produce the beat for your single "In My Dreams (Vibes)," or did you have help from an outside creator when executing your sonic vision for the track?

I did not produce the beat. I usually lease my beats or buy them. Some say I should learn how to make my own. Maybe someday I'll learn. But until then, I don't mind contributing to beatmakers. That's how we all eat in this game. I want to build a kingdom for myself and those who I wish to bring with me. It's always good to have a team around you. That's how success is done! That's how magic is made!

Seeing as "In My Dreams (Vibes)" is off your recent album 'Coronation,' how does the single tie in with the entire project? Was there a particular concept within the album that the single touches on?

The album Coronation tells a story from beginning to end if you listen carefully. You have the beginning track which tells the story of the day of the official Coronation. Where I, King DaV, tell the people about me and what they're in for with me. The kind of style and persona I'm trying to convey to the world of a king who is proud. Then comes the after-party (track 2), the settling in phase (track 3), the queen search (track 4), the heartbreak (track 5), the change of heart and mind (track 6), the other side, (track 7), and finally, the reintroduction (track 8). All of it ties together and tells a story of the journey of King DaV and how he came to know his alter ego, which you all will meet in due time. 

What has been keeping you inspired throughout 2020?

This year has been one hell of a ride. With everything that has been going on, I just want to give my fans and loyal listeners what I call Enjoyable Escapism. Something to get lost in and enjoy like how you would a good movie or a good book. I want my music to represent a vibe. I don't want to talk about the real world in my music. You see that already on social media, television, and the internet. Sometimes people just grow tired and want to escape. My music is exactly that: an escape. Something to be so immersed in, you wouldn't wanna leave. It's something when you hear it, you can be happy when you do and say "Wow, KingDaV really helped me get thru it". I stay true to me and I stay true to my music. This is my passion and I'm not going anywhere. KingDaV is here to stay.

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