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Get Honest and Real With Amy Lerie’s Track “Nothing To Forgive"

Amy Lerie is a singer/songwriter, adding her blend of pop-country to the ever-growing music scene. Based between Paris and Nashville (an eclectic mix of music inspiration), Amy uses her platform as an artist to share her personal stories with fans. Recently Amy released her second EP “Higher” in May 2019, and we gave it a listen all throughout. You can already guess we loved it, and so we’re even more excited to share her most recent releases with our BuzzMusic listeners! Amy adapts an approach to the pop-country genre that made us fall in love with the genre. We can already imagine the performances on Amy’s part, and how personal and in-the-moment they must be. We’re definitely awaiting to hear news from this artist when she plans to be performing, especially when she plans to perform her latest track “Nothing To Forgive”.

Amy Lerie establishes a deep and honest tone throughout her track “Nothing To Forgive”. I am absolutely loving the settle hint of country she contributes to her tracks, and integrating her mature and voluptuous vocalism in the mix is what complements so well with the chosen rhythm of “Nothing To Forgive”. The track outlines a love ballad (we’re really getting emotional with these songs today!)—a track dedicated to being open and honest with her past lover. I appreciate the type of courage it takes to pour your authentic self into a track, and further to write about your own personal and intimate experience for many to hear. Co-written with Nick Mowery, “Nothing To Forgive” entrances the listener with its effortless flow, twang, and overall execution on Amy’s end. We appreciate her music, we’re looking out for more, and we’re highly suggesting you pop/country fans give it a listen.

Stream Amy Lerie’s love ballad “Nothing To Forgive” here.


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