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Get into a Romantic Mindset with Blasian Baby Lola’s “Issa Vibe”

Coming at us from South Jersey, Lola Ann Clark is a Vietnamese and Cambodian artist who creates her music under the name Blasian Baby Lola. 

The seventeen-year-old prodigy does not limit her talents to one specific category; she is a singer, songwriter, model, actress, CEO, influencer, entrepreneur, and scholar. In addition to her breathtaking resume, Blasian Baby Lola has an important message to send to her fans. Ever since high school, when she started a female empowerment club called C.R.O.W.N.S. for Queens, she has been motivating her fans with messages of hope and love. As an artist, she acts as a role model by inspiring people to chase their dreams.

Blasian Baby Lola’s most recent single “Issa Vibe” is yet another divine product of her many talents. The track opens up with an echoing electronic pulse paired with a romantic phone call between two people who are in an obviously affectionate relationship. This scenario sets up the atmosphere for the rest of the song to be romantic, innocent, and heartwarming. Once Blasian Baby Lola introduces her graceful voice, she is joined by a mellow R&B style beat. She collaborates with a male artist who showcases his silky vocals for a few verses, adding diversity and unique flavors into the mix.

Listeners can’t help but roll their hips and snap their fingers to the sensual sensation Blasian Baby Lola has created with “Issa Vibe.” Lola’s heartfelt lyricism adds to the romantic atmosphere. Anyone who has known that kind of love that still creates butterflies will want to dive headfirst into the poetry that creates “Issa Vibe.”


Hello Blasian and welcome to BuzzMusic. We are thrilled to have you with us. “Issa Vibe” is a song that many fans will be able to relate to and romanticize about! What was your inspiration for this song? 

My inspiration for the song “Issa Vibe” was created to make an emphasis .. on teenage romance. That having fun with someone you care about .. and creating memorable moments with them is something a girl loves.. but knowing a serious relationship is not a priority as a teen is super important to be aware of because at this age we are still learning to love ourself. So the song emphasizes 2 people caring for each other, having fun together, and still understanding the growth that the two are building for themselves as a person. 

Could you tell us about your collaboration for “Issa Vibe?” Why did you choose to collaborate with another artist for this song?

The reason I chose another artist. Jay Saif, to collaborate with me for this song. Was because I felt like it was really important to have a guys perspective in the song to really tie the two together. He basically shares his perspective as a guy of appreciating the good times and still knowing his boundaries. 

You have an impressive resume as a singer, songwriter, model, actress, CEO, influencer, entrepreneur, and a scholar! Can you speak a little bit about all of these accomplishments, and how they have benefitted your career as a musician?

All of these accomplishments have benefited my career as a musician in so many ways because it gives me so many topics to talk about and so many experiences that I’ve dealt with to put in my music. Especially in today’s generation the industry has so many similarities with talking about the same topics in music.. having these different backgrounds and accomplishments that I’ve made allows my music to stand out but not only that; give listeners a new perspective on different things. 

Female empowerment is a huge message that you like to spread to your platform. Can you tell us a little bit about why it’s important to you? Maybe elaborate on your C.R.O.W.N.S. for Queen's club and how your dedication to this cause has evolved?

Female empowerment is very important to me and very important for me to spread awareness about because self-confidence and uplifting females are something that this generation struggles with. Having social media sets so many expectations and standards for females to have which allows them to compare. Bringing us females together and uplifting each other instead of bringing each other down is super important to me because having a support system especially a support system filled with the same gender can be so impacting on our future. The club C.R.O.W.N For Queens was a club created by me and other amazing females to teach females etiquette, hygiene tips, advice for becoming independent, & so much more. Not only has this club allowed me to help other females but it has also helped create a bond with females that I know I can trust and always have support from. 

We know it has been a hard year for musicians and artists around the world. What has been your biggest source of inspiration while creating new music?

This year has definitely been hard for us musicians and artists but my biggest source of inspiration while creating new music is the fulfillment of knowing that my followers and fans are enjoying what I create and making this quarantine a little better for them. Just creating music and other content for them to watch and listen to is super important for me because they are what motivate me to continue what I’m doing. For example, I recently started an outreach campaign called “Lola Loves You” on my Instagram where I do one on one advice videos with a selection of followers I choose for the week. This not only allows me to interact with my followers but it also allows them to gain advice and information from someone that they may look up to. In the future, I have a lot of new songs coming that have great messages and stories.. and I can’t wait to share them.


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