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Get Lost and Mellow out With Jorge Pensi’s “Stop My Fall"

The Barcelona based composer and singer Jorge Pensi creates music that is a collection of various emotions that range from dark to acid humor. Since beginning his career, Jorge has released two albums, one of which was presented in Buenos Aires at La Vaca Profana and Bikini Barcelona. Jorge recently released his third album ‘The Inner Sigh’ which was arranged and produced with Marcel Sabater and was composed in collaboration with Pol Pensi. Off of the ‘The Inner Sigh’ album is the record “Stop My Fall,” and it is the perfect mellow up a moody tune that is perfect for sulking too. There is a slightly mysterious vibe here while listening you won’t quite know what is next to come but then bam it hits you with something new; it works well at keeping the excitement up. “Stop My Fall” features gripping moody synth pads, lo-fi kinda modern organic drum kit, and super effected almost Phil Colin vocals that bring in flavorful reversed and vocoded effects that lead in entirely to new sections. While listening, we couldn’t help but become thrown into the vivid painting that Jorge Pensi creates; we can’t wait to hear the rest of the ‘The Inner Sigh’ album after hearing this song.

Listen to The Inner Sigh here.

Hello Jorge Pensi! Welcome to BuzzMusic! Your release “Stop My Fall” has such an incredibly moody vibe to it that we have fallen in love with. How did you come up with the types of creative effects and instrumentation that was used here?

Thanks for your comments. It’s so cool. I have worked on this album: The Inner Sigh for two years. All was done in my home studio, recording, mixing, and mastering. Shoomaker, aka, Marcel Sabater, and I worked very hard, trying that every song could tell a story and provoke any kind of sensation. I chose this Stop My Fall because I believe it is something special. Kind of new and kind of something that already existed. The effects and the instruments appeared during the development to create an intense dialogue with the voice.

Your vocals have a very fresh but familiar vibe to it, what was the inspiration behind that? Was that effect happening during the recording or did it happen down the line with the mix?

All the effects were a kind of trial and error, after the recording.

It’s always great to hear when people collaborate, what was it like to work with Marcel Sabater and Pol Pensi? What was the workflow like between the 3 of you? Do you have any interesting stories that happened while working on this project?

I compose the whole song, after that we meet with Marcel and decide together the instruments, once this is done I adjust and correct the melody to it. I am never pleased with my voice, so I sing and sing many times till I’m convinced that’s the best I can do. One interesting thing to say is that the lyrics come at the end after I feel what the music tells me. Pol Pensi is my son, guitar player, some songs were composed with him. In this album, Mid Summer. My daughter Maria is the backing vocalist.

You’ve definitely come a long way since the creation of your first 2 albums, do you see a sense of self progression in your music when you listen back to older releases? Is there a song that you are most proud of in your whole discography?

I was born in Argentina and Barcelona based. I am an architect and designer. I design worldwide. You can take a look at my work here: I have always been a songwriter, I am a self- taught musician. New technologies allow me to create at home, at any time, early morning or late at night. I always said that to create an object or a song is the same. You have an empty sheet of paper and you need to give the content. Of course, I enjoy a lot more with music. I do what I want, I don’t have to give any explanations to anyone. I think, to be honest, that I don’t feel very proud of my two first albums, to be sincere with you, I don’t like the singer, looks shy and fearful. May I have to say that I have a special feeling with Pol’s Song, If I album because when we composed this song with my son he was only 14. Let me know if all the things I wrote are ok. And thanks a lot for appreciating my music


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