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Get Lost With Us In Autumn Jones Latest Track “Neapolitan”

Autumn Jones is bringing back a sound we knew would make a return, and a successful one at that with the way Autumn curates her overall sound. Autumn Jones is easily comparable to artists such as Estelle, in terms of production. We love the vibrant atmosphere both artists create in their music, and to us, Autumn draws inspirations from such music as Estelle, but mixes in her own sense of crucial soulful R&B elements. Autumn’s voice is sultry, has incredible flow, and a confidence that can’t be fabricated. Autumnreally knows how to mesh together all of the essential elements to producing great music, and we know BuzzMusic readers won’t be disappointed with this artist.

Wow! We’re obsessed with the upbeat and bubbly feeling we get with Autumn’s latest track “Neapolitan”. We’ve already added it to our playlist, and we suggest any of you feel-good music lovers do too! We need songs like “Neapolitan” integrated within our playlist, for those days that we need a pick-me-upper in music form. Music is meant to make you feel so many emotions, and one of our favorite is, of course, music that makes us feel positively exuberant. Autumn Jones knows how to incorporate a sound filled with joy and emotion, also integrating in some silky and sultry tones near the end of “Neapolitan”. Her voice is captivating (to say the least) and we’re so happy we get to feature her music here to all of you! You all deserve to hear a sound like this, and we’re delivering Autumn Jones to you today on the BuzzMusic platform. 

“Neapolitan” is available to stream on Spotify!


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