Get "Love Drunk" With The New Song From Faime

Faime is one of pop music's most unique rising stars. With roots tying back to his homeland of India, Faime came into the music scene with a special soft pop sound that draws inspiration from his Native Eastern origins.

This year alone, Faime has amassed 13.5 million streams on Spotify. He has also landed placements in Spotify's Soft Pop Hits, Pop Chillout, and Viral 50 playlists while receiving a co-sign from BTS's V for the song, 'Save.'

Taking all of his success into account, we stumble across his personal pop anthem, "Love Drunk." A delicate beauty resides in the upbeat vibrancy as we fixate ourselves upon a concept that flourishes in jaunty expressions—recorded in Woodland Hills, California.

The elusive sonic voyage tours you through crisp timbres that shed light on the melancholy parts of adoration. As we clasp onto the intimacy that is shared through striking lyrical motifs like, 'How do I fall asleep when you don't call me? Can't put my phone down,' the meditative state that we're submerged intakes complete control of our thoughts and emotions.

This concept blossoms in our minds as we're forced to face the realities that come across in the blatant wording that touches on despair. Although the soothing vocalization of Faime gently caresses us in a reassuring tone, we're transported to a time when we felt the exact sentiments that he expresses.

Showing us the true signs of a great artist, "Love Drunk" tugs on your heartstrings emotionally and vibrantly expands your thoughts. Hailing from his EP that shares the same title, Faime is eager to share the overall visualization that resides in a concept that latches onto many hopeless romantics worldwide.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Faime! Congratulations on the release of your latest single, "Love Drunk." Could you please take us into the meaning that's placed behind this song's title?

‘Love Drunk’ is a sentiment that describes how people feel when dealing with the many intoxicating natures of a relationship.

What moment or story inspired the creation of this single and the whole EP, for that matter?

The creation of 'Love Drunk' EP was inspired by writing the lead single, which was one of the first songs written for the EP. The EP serves as a collection of different records describing the many parts of a romantic timeline.

Compared to previously released music in your catalog, what does "Love Drunk" say about you as an artist and individual?

Compared to my older music, Love Drunk is a sonic and lyrical progression that has allowed me to discover more about my creative palette and what I can offer to the world.

How do you measure your headspace in the present day from when you originally wrote this song?

I believe writing "Love Drunk" has given me the courage to make advance the sound for the records coming out in 2022.

What's next for you?

As the year comes to an end, I’m working on new songs for 2022, and beginning to prepare a live set for the first time. Hope to see you out there.