Get Ready for a Party in JL the KidD’s Release “Konundrums"

JL The KidD is an artist who strives to create music that truly stands for who he is. Since his last release "Not a God," it was thought that it brought too dark of a mood to his music and is now showing off the lighter side of his music in his new release "Konundrums" with Tenno Max and Sire to show us all who JL The KidD is. "Konundrums" opens up with an instantly memorable groove that holds its own with the help of some spicy guitar licks, a melodically moving bass that feels fluid, and an organic drum kit. It perfectly sets the tone for JL The KidD to lay down some ever so smooth vocals.

While listening to "Konundrums" we couldn't help but be taken to a tropical beach, everyone that is around is there to have a good time, and that's precisely what JL The KidD sets out to do, getting some extra vibes from both Tenno Max and Sire allows for additional textures that almost catch you off guard but still feel like they are on the same oceanfront. "Konundrums" is a joyful party, to say the least, from start to end it is radiating good vibes that cannot get enough of. We cannot wait to hear what is coming next in the JL The KidD's journey of being a musical artist. You can vibe out to “Konundrums” here.

Welcome back to BuzzMusic JL The KidD! Your latest release “Konundrums” is definitely a different vibe than “Not a God”, do you feel this tune feels fresher and more like you? How do you think you have grown as an artist between both releases? The song definitely feels fresher than anything I’ve done in the past, and I really just cut loose with this one. I honestly got really bad anxiety, and I think my nervousness in the booth and on stage show in my voice. I’m proud to say that that didn’t happen this time around. We’re loving the dynamic performances between you, Tenno Max, and Sire. How did you come up with the idea to have additional performers on this tune? How did you choose them?  Well I’ve always wanted more variety in my music, to be honest. When I got the beat and heard Sire’s voice, I immediately got the name for the song. A conundrum, for those of us like me too lazy to look up new words, means an issue that goes both way for lack of better words. I decided to link with my homie Tenno max cuz he always reliable to show up in the booth, and I knew the duality vibes could only get pulled off with his melodic flow.  The vibe created feels like we are on