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Get Ready for a Slice of Home in Karlie Bartholomew’s “Brooklyn Park”

Born and raised in Brooklyn Park, Maryland, Karlie Bartholomew has always had a passion for music. While shy as a child, she was able to use music to find her voice. She began writing her songs at a young age, participating in every talent show she could, beginning in elementary school.

Following in her father's musical footsteps, Karlie Bartholomew taught herself to play guitar on his old six-string while she was in high school. Heavily influenced by artists like Ingrid Michaelson, Norah Jones, and Sara Bareilles, Karlie is drawn to authenticity and strives to keep her lyrics honest.

Through a zesty flair of folk vibrations that give a wholesome feel to her modern sound, Karlie Bartholomew's latest single, "Brooklyn Park," has us feasting on the vivacious imagery that comes with it.

Her vocals melt like butter as she soothingly tours us through descriptive lyrical motifs leaping from this sonic canvas. Adding a bubbly twist to the warmth that comes from the traditional hues portrayed, the buoyantly progressing instrumentation leaves us with a long-lasting impression of saturated tenors.

"Brooklyn Park" sounds so close to Karlie Bartholomew's heart because it is where she grew up. Her heart and soul live with the memories that flood in through the musical concepts she crafts. With "Brooklyn Park" meaning that much more to her, we can feel the quintessence of Karlie Bartholomew seep through this masterpiece.

Karlie Bartholomew wants the listener to be placed in her shoes as she croons melodically inspirational words reflecting on her life experiences. Being the first single to come from her forthcoming EP 'A Way to Start,' the Americana vivacity that resides in her talents makes itself rather apparent with this introduction. Embedding our headspace with mind-altering resonance, this composition will sit with us for the time to come.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Karlie Bartholomew, and congratulations on the release of “Brooklyn Park.” We love the sound that you bring forth in this piece. With the meaning of this song being so close to your heart, what inspired you to make this the lead single to your upcoming EP?

My upcoming EP focuses a lot on leaving my hometown and starting over. The songs on the EP are in the order of when they were written, with “Brooklyn Park” being the first, so it only made sense to start at the very beginning with scenes from my hometown. The EP is titled “A Way to Start,” one of the main lines in the chorus, so it seemed like the best precursor to introducing the album.

Could you please shine a light on what your creative process looked like when unraveling this vision?

“Brooklyn Park” originally started as a song called “I Could Fly.” I began writing it while attending Berklee College of Music, and it took me around a year to finish it. The original lyrics didn’t make much sense, but I always loved the chord progression and melody. The main idea of the song was the same; however, it focused more on flying and driving. At that point, I had only ever flown on a plane once before and didn’t have much experience driving on highways because I was too afraid. A few months after finishing the first draft, I took it into my songwriting teacher’s office hours, and she helped me brainstorm some new ideas for the song. I wanted the song to still focus on my hometown, and she asked me where I grew up. I told her I grew up in Baltimore, and she suggested we think of another title that may not be as common. I explained my hometown was technically in Brooklyn Park, and she told me to try writing with that as the hook. Her guidance helped this song become what it is today!

In terms of themes and emotions, what would you like your audience to take away from a piece this personal?

Brooklyn Park is my hometown, but I believe anyone can relate this song to their hometown. This song has taught me to appreciate what used to be— another tree has been planted in the space where the pine tree once stood tall, and the woman on the corner has since passed. I hope this song gives people a safe space to reminisce on their childhood homes as they once were and know that it’s okay to have reservations about change.

What can listeners expect from the forthcoming EP? What are you the most excited about?

The EP is titled “A Way to Start” and will be released on December 10th! It talks about my experience of starting over in a new city and leaving all the places that have shaped who I am. It features some incredible musicians who helped bring these songs to life. I hope listeners can relate these songs to their own experiences and better understand who I am as an artist and a person. As my debut EP, this is my way to start the next chapter of my life and musical journey.

What can listeners anticipate to hear next from you?

“Back Bay” is the next single off the EP, which will be released on November 12th. My 2022 plans include more new music as well as some touring!


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