Get Ready For a Weighty Portion of Vibrant Energy With 2K Ponce Juno's, "Go Pretty Girl"

Nearly every rapper claims to be original, but New Yorker, 2K Ponce Juno is indeed the real deal. The Caribbean influence on his Hip-hop tunes lends a unique, reggae vibe that makes listeners sit up and take notice.

2K Ponce Juno’s up-tempo beats and genre-crossing tunes have his audience grooving and growing at a rapid pace. As we zone in on his as his unfathomable vocals that deliver enterprising lyrics while the music moves through his body, he’s approaching a modern twist to his 2019 smash hit, “Go Pretty Girl.”

Get ready for the realm of intoxicating remixes, because that’s exactly the universe being served up. Escorting 2K Ponce Juno on the creative mix of, “Go Pretty Girl,” are the one and only, free-spirited, Jamaican dancehall DJ, King Beenie Man, and the sultry stylings of Jamaican Princess Double K.

Submerging us in an enticing creation that has us instantly out of our seats, the musical components in this transcendent production comes in at an all-time high. The infectious grooves offered up don’t shift from the syncopated rhythms that run through this trademark anthem.

Your mind is instantly transported to the reminiscent joys of being at music festivals where colossal moments, heavy basslines, and pure sonic bliss take the cake in what a hit song embodies. The vocals performed all around, deliver raw talent that has a texturized boldness that refuses to conform to any one genre.

We wish that the song would clock in even longer than the 3:15 mark, but I guess this calls for us to add it next in the queue, and again after that. Produced by creative mastermind, Max, the remix to “Go Pretty Girl,” has already taken off in Jamaican media markets prior to the release in the United States and we’ll be honest; we’re a tad bit jealous.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, 2K Ponce Juno! Congratulations on the remarkable release of the remix of “Go Pretty Girl.” You have a roster of talent dripping from this single! What was it like to have the creative touch of King Beenie Man and Princess Double K on it?

It was exciting to have Beenie Man bless the track with his years of knowledge in this industry. He took the song to another level! Double K put the icing on the cake as a female between two guys on a track, and yet she still stood out amongst us. It was awesome! I’m so glad that they liked the song enough to bless me with the remix.

What inspired you to rebirth “Go Pretty Girl” and turn it into a remix?

The original song was the first track that would represent my West Indian culture (I was born in Antigua). However, I felt that it was missing something. I wanted someone else on the track to give it a little more spice, and the first person who came to mind was Beenie Man. He talks about girls a lot! Then Double K was around when the song was being made. When she put her voice on the track, it sounded too good. That’s when I knew that the remix was finished.

You’re known for your exciting, live performances. With the setbacks of the past year, how have you managed to adapt to a world where your presence is mostly online?

I just figured that if I stayed the same and didn’t try to change, it would keep the fans happy. I had been just putting the camera on and showing who I am all the time, so the only difference now is that I can’t do it live and in person.

What is your idea of the ideal atmosphere in which to indulge your creative process?

I’m usually by myself in a quiet room or in my Sprinter van that I turned into a living room/recording studio. Then when it’s all done, I go to the studio for 4 or 5 hours and let it out. But when something comes to mind, and I need to get it out right away? That’s when I literally pull over and talk into my phone.

What has been keeping you inspired to create music during one of the most challenging years of our lives?

I was always excited about my music career. The pandemic slowed things down for everyone, but my love and passion for music won’t die that easily. They say that music heals all, so we still listen to music to cheer us up. Music is also informative. There are so many artists that spoke about Black Lives Matter and the pandemic. I learned so much from them. So moving forward with my music career, I feel that I’m doing my part as an artist for the people.