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Get Ready to Bask in Your New Summer Anthem With "Nurse Joy"

Tvlormvde is a Houston native alternative Hip-hop artist, who is currently residing in Austin, Texas. Pulling inspiration from Kid Cudi, Kanye West, and Andre 3000, he has created a unique sound that he calls his own.

Through the process of finding his sound, he has gained the attention of a small following online, while he releases sonic and visual projects on all major streaming platforms.

His recently released single “Nurse Joy,” has listeners transported to a vivid universe that flexes his lyrical dexterity over an effervescent beat structure. A punchy bassline takes over your speakers as the contrast between high to low frequencies in the musical elements provides a dimensional aspect to the instrumentation.

Melodically sprinkling his buttery cadences over the instrumentation, you’re immediately hooked on the way that Tvlormvde energetically showcases his talents. “Nurse Joy” is chalked full of witty quips as his knack for wordplay is highlighted through his intensified verses and compelling hook.

The deeper we dive into this song, we realize how loudly it screams, 'summer anthem.' There’s a tropical buoyancy that lingers through this track's framework which consistently carries out the nature of its sonic voyage. Being so flexible with the various components that thrive in this song, Tvlormvde’s vocalization is present and has something to say as it stands out from the mix in a complementary manner.

“Nurse Joy” is the type of record that you play with the windows down as you hit the freeway, or just to hype yourself up for the heated weather that graces you and your closest friends. We eagerly await the next move that Tvlormvde will make, as he puts the interest of his audience first.

The energy you bring to “Nurse Joy,” has us fully immersed in this track. What inspired the meaning behind this song?

Thanks alot! I grew up in love with Pokemon and Nurse Joy was always making sure everyone was ok no matter what and on Pokemon every nurse was named nurse joy and they all looked alike. The beat has a happy vibe to it and I guess it struck some nostalgia in me which brought me back to those days of watching pokemon without a care in the world. Since I kinda had a crush on her as a kid this is like my Ode to her haha.

Could you please share a glimpse into the creative process of “Nurse Joy?" Did you have anyone on your team assisting you with bringing this sound to life?

Yea I would be nothing without my production team "Beat Demons" there amazing, It's a blessing just working with industry-level producers like them. We wanted to combine rap with pop elements and add a punk aesthetic to it and wala we got "Nurse Joy." We recorded the song not too long after MCH (1 half of the beat demons) produced the song and before he could even mix it I knew it was Hit.

We are thrilled to hear that you’re currently working with the "Beat Demons" on a project that will be dropping later this summer! What can you tell us about what’s in store? How different is it from your R&B project set to be released later this year as well?

The project with the Beat Demons is on its way this summer, it will most likely be a 5-7 track EP, and will be a very, VERY futuristic-sounding project, Like nothing you ever heard before I promise, I'm pretty sure we created a new genre within this project. The R&B project will be drastically different, while the rap project is a new outlook on rap, the R&B project will be a chance for me to showcase my talents outside of rapping. It won't just be R&B but it won't be Rap for sure.

What is the best piece of advice that you can give to up-and-coming artists looking to do what you’re living out?

To all upcoming artists my best advice would be to always invest in yourself, if you don't take yourself seriously no one will, also always trust your own judgment never doubt yourself, 60% of being a great artist is being confident.



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