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Get Ready To Groove With This Trailblazing Hit! Beezi & Shawn Goyer “O- Town”

Beezi and Shawn Goyer are two producers/engineers who transformed an old party house they lived in during college into a studio. With so many past memories and good friends in and out the house, many would join them in creating musical art. This way, song arrangements began piling up between the both of them, and with such serious productions, they were faced with the choice of what to do with those sessions. The solution? Simple, they decided to create these projects into an EP titled “The Pause Collection”. During production, they found that the songs captured the moment in time of pure fun and excitement.

Beezi and Shawn released the single “O-Town” in which immediately begins with an atmospheric funky introduction. The psychedelic haziness surrounding the song with an infectious melody and danceable groove that seizes the moment is what I didn’t know I need at the moment! The song is just a celebration! It exudes positive elements and radiates a vibe of happiness. The vocals matched the charisma of “O-Town”. The vocalist doesn’t try to do too much but to simply let loose with their resonance the way the beat and rhythm of O-Town lets loose. While listening to “O-Town” you just instantly feel joyful. It has classic elements of early bubblegum pop that adds a 60’s & 70’s flare to the song.

Alongside that, is the disco like qualities of the song in which evokes a sense of wanting to get up and dance. This the perfect song to play this summer to cherish memorable moments with you and your friends. “O-Town” breathes life into a dead body and it’s an unforgettable encounter that you’d want to experience again. Who doesn’t love the natural high, chills, and goosebumps you feel from a feel-good song? You experience all and more while listening to this transporting hit groove! The entire essence? To have a good time and live in the moment.

Take a moment and listen to "O-Town" now on Spotify, and scroll down for the groups exclusive interview!

What or who are some of your key influences and why?

   Groove and foundational rhythm is everything when it comes to Beezi’s musical influences. As the electric bassist and co-product for the project, the influence is heavily saturated in classic funk, RnB & disco. When the rhythm of a song can make someone irresistibly move their body - that’s when you know you’ve got a groovy musical foundation. 

   For Shawn, producing from the Ableton Push and playing guitar are always his two studio necessities. For guitar influences, Derek Trucks & John Mayer are the most prominent due to how both musicians have a way of making a guitar sound like a lead vocalists. 

   When it comes to song production, both producers listen to all genres for inspiration, however most of the process comes naturally or in the moment during jam sessions or pre-production. But the most important factor is keeping every recording session organic. Whether it’s with clients or friends, an organic & fun approach to music always brings the production to life.. you can really feel that emotion in the record. 

Tell us about “O-Town” and the meaning behind it?

It’s just about having a great time in your city, wherever that may be. For us, this city was Orlando, Florida. We designed a funky beach vibe that encourages you to groove, smile, dance, or just enjoy life. 

The title O-Town came naturally to both producers while planning a trip to visit a mutual best friend who just recently moved to Orlando for a job. This friend was an old roommate who experienced the making of The Pause Collection EP. 

His job placement marked a crazy yet progressive and exciting transition for us all from one life chapter to another. When creating the music we wanted to compose a groove that emulated that excitement within an uptempo beach-vibe groove. 

What inspired you to create “O-Town” ?

   When the track began production, a subtle 80’s style approach was used. By blending gated percussion with feel good synthesis sounds, O-Town came to life. After Shawn built the beat, Beezirecorded the electric bass in one take, sometimes playing intentionally out of the pocket to keep things extra groovy. However, the biggest inspiration was when both producers were driving down to Orlando to visit an old roommate. During the long drive, both producers would swap who was driving every few hours. When Beezi wasn’t driving, he would be making edits, and when Shawn wasn’t driving he was coming up with lyrics - all while plugging into the car rental stereo system via six cable (talk about mobile production on wheels!). It was during this road trip down to Orlando, where the music production met lyrics and the vibe of O-Town was born into existence.


How does the title reflect the theme of the song?

If you think about Orlando, you might think about warm weather, beaches, beautiful amusement parks & great company. The producers named it O-Town during the road trip to Orlando as if the entire journey and song production process seamlessly tied together. After Shawn finalized lyrics, both producers returned home after the Orlando trio to cut the final vocals. During this session, another close friend, Tony, came to hang out in the home studio. After a few laughs and ideas, Tony was convinced to go into the vocal booth and vibe out a freestyled hook. His improvised hook (which was originally recorded just for the hell of it) made the final cut of the song, and became the song’s staple hook that is hard to get out of your head...

“O-Town are you feeling me?” 

What’s next for you two?

Lots of singles! Right now, Beezi recently released the single “Beautiful Mess”, which is a separate production from the EP. Shawn also released his latest single “Coming Back Stronger” a few weeks ago. There’s a lot of plans up the producer’s sleeves; collaborative projects that circle the globe with musicians from all over. The main objective is to maintain constant collaboration and to deliver music production to other artists or clients who are looking for both quality & groove. 

As for the single O-Town, it is off of an EP titled “The Pause Collection” which comes out April 24th on all streaming services. 

And of course, there’s many more productions to come!


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