Get Ready to Rock Out With Koosh Saxena’s New Single “Way Out”

Koosh Saxena has been an avid musician for many years, even studying jazz guitar while completing two degrees while he was in college. Koosh has been a part of several bands over his career and was able to travel and perform on tour with his band Little Envy. Today, Koosh Saxena is a solo musician who released his first EP 'Sail With Me' in 2019.

Way Out” is Koosh Saxena’s latest single, in which he shows off his guitar and vocal skills with a blend of indie and rock, with a splash of reggae. Koosh’s jazz influences are prominent in “Way Out” with the addition of brass instrumentation and unique rhythms. This addition grabs your attention and leaves “Way Out” lingering on your mind long after listening. Koosh Saxena’s voice is smooth and powerful, reminiscent of Brendon Urie of Panic! at the Disco. The melody and background of “Way Out” have a darker tone through certain parts of the song, embodying the idea of hopelessness. Koosh Saxena sings about a relationship coming to a close, and the pain of trying to hold on while the other person is letting go. Koosh Saxen sings “I hope our love won’t fade without a rhyme or a reason”, emoting despair while the song is still fast-paced and entertaining. Stay tuned for more from Koosh Saxena.

Listen to “Way Out” by Koosh Saxena here.

"Way Out” is quite a unique song musically, how do you manage to blend genres so effectively?

When I started writing music as a solo artist, I didn't write with the intention of fitting into a specific genre. I matured enough to draw from all my experiences and influences, ranging from reggae to jazz to alternative rock. I wrote most of these tracks without an end goal, simply because I love writing music.

How does your new music differ from your work with bands such as “Little Envy”? What elements did you carry over into your current works?

The music I'm writing differs from Little Envy quite a bit. I knew I was digging deep lyrically and musically because I went from writing "what I think fans will resonate with" to "what I want to hear". When I made that shift as an artist, I grew a sense of confidence in my work that I didn't have before. Some elements naturally carried over, but for the most part, I wanted to start fresh.

What were you studying while in college? How will your degrees help enhance or further your career?

I started college with the intention of majoring in jazz guitar, but then my parents found out... After some serious "discussions", I switched over to Electrical Engineering / Computer Science. The tug of war between "do what pays well" versus "do what you love" has always influenced my songwriting. I've always felt a sense of purpose when writing and performing music and an emptiness connecting with people for a business goal. Being a founding team member of a couple of successful tech startups, I'm finally at the point in my career where I feel comfortable walking away and pursuing music full-time for several years. So maybe my parents were right? I'll never admit it.

What can fans from you next? What does 2020 hold for Koosh Saxena?

Following "Way Out", I'm planning to release another single and a full-length record. There are tours and shows in the works which will likely get postponed or canceled due to the COVID-19 outbreak. Stay safe out there!