Get Real With Mad Chad's Edgy Hit

Mad Chad is a heavy metal/hard rock artist from Lubbock, TX., who uses heavily textured guitar riffs, massive drums, guitar solos, screams, vocal melodies, and growling bass to make his own blend of original metal.

Releasing his latest single, and more prominently the statement notion of “You Act Like A B*tch,” Mad Chad takes listeners into a narrative of self-entitlement and poor behavior. Combining his amplified talents with those of Chuck Alkazian to form the contents of his 2020 debut album, the intensified ambiance that comes dominantly hailing from this record speaks for itself.

Fitting into the scheme of his bolstered soundscape that Mad Chad depicts so well, “You Act Like A B*tch,” takes the thesis of his mind's inner findings and spins into a way that is relevant for everyone tuning in. Colliding with the foreboding textures of the musical elements that effortlessly seep into the cold growls that triumphantly slay the themes addressed, Mad Chad has us on the edge of our seats as we get lost in the edgy rampage that reigns before us. Throttling forth with the sustaining guitar riffs that chug in a dark atmosphere of booming percussion, the tempo of “You Act Like A B*tch,” has us unleashing the same pent-up aggression that Mad Chad represents artistically.

Don’t be fooled by the hardcore rush of a Mad Chad composition, behind the enigmatic charisma, there lies a heap of emotion that simmers in thoughts of realism.

A warm welcome to BuzzMusic Mad Chad. Congratulations on the release of “You Act Like A B*tch.” With such a forward subject addressed, what was the moment that pushed you into turning this song into the statement piece it is?

‘You Act Like A Bitch’ is about the behavior of another adult. The way that they behaved and the things they said to me shocked me to the core. I couldn’t stop thinking about it, so I turned the moment into a song. The song explains it all.

Working with Chuck Alkazian, what was it like forming this vision together? Are you happy with how everything turned out?

Working with Chuck was a blast! It is actually my second record to make with him. I am in another band called Texas223, I play lead guitar, scream, and sing backup vocals. We made a full record in 2019 with him as well. Working with Chuck is definitely an amazing experience. He has a clear vision and knows how to make excellent records. He really makes the music pop with his finishing touches. I am super proud of the record and the work we did. We will make more for sure!

Being found on your 2020 debut album, how does this record speak for the other concepts heard?

The record is a snapshot of a musician. It’s a picture of a moment they are passing through. They’ll likely never be in that place again. Sometimes they’re inspired by events in my life and sometimes it's more of a play based on my imagination of what other characters, real or conceptual, are feeling. Songs like Psycho, Out For a Flight and Meet Godzilla are all based on imagery that music brings to life.

What is your mission statement as an artist? How do you ensure you carry that forth with everything you do?

My mission as an artist to translate emotions/thoughts/feelings/experiences into sound art. I hope to make music people enjoy listening to but the initial creative process is always based on an audible picture I am trying to paint. I hope my music is something that audiences can relate to and make them want to crank the volume knob up! I plan to just be real and myself as an artist. I want to make music on my own terms.

What's next for you?

In the future, there will be more records for Mad Chad and Texas223. This is what I love doing. I want to make and play music. It’s in my bones. I like to play and write heavy metal.


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