Get To Know A More Personal Side Of Bozaay In, "on my mind"

Finding an artist you can relate with is always a refreshing experience. For listeners in need of a hip-hop artist who raps from the heart, find what you've been looking for with Bozaay's latest single, "on my mind."

Bozaay is a hip-hop recording artist, rapper, and singer-songwriter who never fails to grab an audience's attention. His emotion is evident in each track, and his relatable stories about love and loss are a cathartic experience that anyone can appreciate. With each track, Bozaay takes us deeper into his mind, body, and soul.

This is especially true for his latest single, "on my mind." It's a passionate yet deeply emotional single that discusses the sensations we feel when falling for someone new and lending your heart to them in hopes they take care of it. That said, Bozaay puts a modern and punk-inspired spin to give the song all the more soul, grit, and power.

Elaborating on the single, "on my mind," we're met with a plucky electric guitar and Bozaay's filtered vocals that slowly make their way into the foreground. Once he starts serenading us on the smooth-sailing hook, the production and instrumentals continue to expand while reaching this sonic sweet escape that clutches the soul.

Bozaay's attention-commanding performance reaches an energetic peak on the hook, where he prays that lending his heart to someone special won't backfire. We also deeply appreciate the contemporary mix of hip-hop, punk, and alternative rock; it helps us see a different musical side of Bozaay while he carries us to the outro with relatable emotion and overflowing passion.

See what's been bugging Bozaay and how he deals with love's tumultuous emotions in his latest single, "on my mind," now available on all digital streaming platforms.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Bozaay. We're so impressed with the level of emotion and vulnerability you've brought to your new single, "on my mind." What experiences inspired you to unleash those inner thoughts through song?

I feel like the infatuations that I've had throughout the years helped me create a song like “on my mind.” The experience of being intoxicated on a late night and having mixed emotions about someone you’re infatuated with.

Did you work entirely solo when creating the production and instrumentals for "on my mind"? What was that process like?

My good friend and engineer Wes Jourdan helped me with this song, he did the entire production within one hour. Our process when it comes to making a song is we find a beat on youtube and record it. Once the recording is complete we delete the beat and start from scratch and create a whole new beat.

Did you find it easy to be so open when writing your emotional and relatable lyrics for "on my mind"? What was this particular songwriting experience like?

I found it really easy to let my emotions be known. It’s kind of like therapy to me, once I let it all out I tend to feel way better… like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders.

Did you create "on my mind" in hopes that listeners could find something they relate with? What did you want your audience to experience?

Yes, I want listeners to feel like they have been in a similar situation. When people listen to “on my mind” I want them to experience that feeling of being with that significant other that they always have in mind or always dream about.