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Get to Know the Unforgettable Stylings of Ridi and Her Debut Single, "Top Guy"

The European singer-songwriter and recording artist Ridi crashes through our speakers with an empowering debut single and accompanying music video entitled "Top Guy."

After experiencing her fair share of bullying, Ridi felt compelled to create the non-profit campaign, "Stop the B," which promotes awareness surrounding bullying and encourages others to become active advocates.

Crashing down like a tidal wave with her debut single and music video, "Top Guy," Ridi has already set herself apart from other up-and-coming acts through her resilient performance and natural talent. The song and video shed light on narrow-minded and spiteful people who exclude others for their individuality and the devastating toll that bullying can take.

"Top Guy" kicks off with Ridi's soothing and fluttery vocal stylings alongside a haunting piano melody. As she continues to expand on losing herself amidst internal chaos, Ridi flows into French lyricism that drops into the heavy foot-stomping chorus, oozing with pain, heart, and soul. We can't get enough of the song's power and emotion, as it truly leaves us with a chill or two.

Expanding on the music video for "Top Guy," Ridi can be seen entering a courtroom jam-packed with mythical creatures who continue to frame her as the bad guy. As a storm begins to muster in the distance, it later crashes through the windows and tumbles through the walls while Ridi continues her powerful performance amidst the chaos of her surroundings.

This is genuinely the first debut single and music video that's made such an influential impact on us, as Ridi and her meaningful words/performance strike us from all corners. Find Ridi's single, "Top Guy," on all digital streaming platforms, and find the music video on YouTube.


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