Get Your Blood Pumping With Artificial Alien’s Latest Release “Itty Bitty”

Three-piece rock band Artificial Alien from Vaughan, Ontario, releases their scorching single “Itty Bitty”. Growing familiar with the Toronto music scene by performing at iconic venues like; The Horseshoe Tavern, Lee’s Palace, and many more. Artificial Alien is also affiliated with York University’s Absinthe Pub and assembled band night Saturdays to keep the local rock music scene alive. With the release of their heated single “Itty Bitty”, Artificial Alien brings a pure hard rock experience from top to bottom. From perfectly timed and uptempo percussion, rumbling electric guitar, and high energy vocals, Artificial Alien grasps timeless rock and says long live.

The rocking 3 piece Artificial Alien brings in an exhilarating performance with their recent single “Itty Bitty”. Kicking off with bright and growling electric guitar overtop increasing percussion that moves into a forceful downbeat, giving us the energy we’ve been looking for. The band is soaring through “Itty Bitty” with fine-tuned rock melodies that bring out the best of Artificial Alien and their ability to provide invigorating music to their audience. Not to mention incorporating impeccable transitions trough sweltering electric guitar and incredibly textured solo’s. With powerful lyrics like “she was born to see how mean the world could really be”, “Itty Bitty” brings power and resilience through Artificial Alien’s thunderous and tightly-wound rock.

Listen to "Itty Bitty" here.