Get Your Blood Pumping With Artificial Alien’s Latest Release “Itty Bitty”

Three-piece rock band Artificial Alien from Vaughan, Ontario, releases their scorching single “Itty Bitty”. Growing familiar with the Toronto music scene by performing at iconic venues like; The Horseshoe Tavern, Lee’s Palace, and many more. Artificial Alien is also affiliated with York University’s Absinthe Pub and assembled band night Saturdays to keep the local rock music scene alive. With the release of their heated single “Itty Bitty”, Artificial Alien brings a pure hard rock experience from top to bottom. From perfectly timed and uptempo percussion, rumbling electric guitar, and high energy vocals, Artificial Alien grasps timeless rock and says long live.

The rocking 3 piece Artificial Alien brings in an exhilarating performance with their recent single “Itty Bitty”. Kicking off with bright and growling electric guitar overtop increasing percussion that moves into a forceful downbeat, giving us the energy we’ve been looking for. The band is soaring through “Itty Bitty” with fine-tuned rock melodies that bring out the best of Artificial Alien and their ability to provide invigorating music to their audience. Not to mention incorporating impeccable transitions trough sweltering electric guitar and incredibly textured solo’s. With powerful lyrics like “she was born to see how mean the world could really be”, “Itty Bitty” brings power and resilience through Artificial Alien’s thunderous and tightly-wound rock.

Listen to "Itty Bitty" here.

Hey Artificial Alien, welcome to BuzzMusic! We’re really getting down with your heavy rock instrumentation and high energy off your single “Itty Bitty”. What makes “Itty Bitty” standout from the rest of Artificial Alien’s discography?

Itty Bitty stands out from the rest of our discography to date because of how anthemic the track is. After we finished creating the song, we unanimously agreed that it had to be "Track 01" and felt that it was the perfect balance of a heavy groove rhythm combined with an ear-worm of a hook that was sure to get the audience jumping and singing along. Itty Bitty has become our definitive opening song for 99% of our live shows thanks to its high energy hard rock instrumentation, and we believe that this song should be the first song on anyArtificialAlienplaylist. 

In regards to the songwriting process with your single “Itty Bitty”, Artificial Alien brings in passionate lyrics and vibrant delivery. Where did Artificial Alien find lyrical inspiration for the message on “Itty Bitty”?

The message of Itty Bitty is essentially that of a hard pill to swallow. The chorus of the song is essentially the thesis of the track and attempts to give some rather unpleasant truths as nicely as possible; summarizing the moral of the narrative and attempting to present the optimism and perseverance required to move forward within the context of the story. The song from a lyrical standpoint is told from the point of view of a friend watching the protagonist of the song venture off into a new city for a new chapter/adventure in their life. The big new city however is not as friendly and promising as previously thought by the protagonist and takes a toll on the initial dreams, ambitions, and motivations of the protagonist that led her to that city, to begin with. The point of view shifts back to the friend during the Chorus, reassuring the protagonist of the main themes of the song: that yes, it may appear that life is out to get you, and life will undoubtedly knock you down from time to time, but life does this to everyone, and what's important is having someone there who will help you through the tough moments like these that will make you stronger in the end. The inspiration to write the song came to guitarist/vocalist Danny Dags (Daniel D'Agostino) after a personal experience with many of the narrative story elements of the song taking place to a friend of his. Itty Bitty is actually the only song that wasn't intended to be written when it was. The day Danny Dags wrote the song, he was actually just trying to study for an exam. After heading to the library, Danny was too distracted by the events that had taken place to his friend and felt rather useless to the situation from so far away. After failing to actually study, he inevitably ended up writing Itty Bitty that day at the library instead. The song took approximately 30 mins to write, and once it was completed, he left the library. No studying was done after that.  

We’ve heard that Artificial Alien organized band night Saturdays in a Pub at York University, with efforts of keeping the local and live rock scene thriving. What made Artificial Alien take this endeavor, and how has it worked thus far?

2/3 members of Artificial Alien (guitarist/vocalist - Danny Dags, & bassist/vocalist - Josh Buckley) have been full-time students at York University for the near entirety of our time together as a band. Our bass player Josh is heavily involved with Winters College at York U, and the Absinthe Pub just also happens to be located within the bottom floor of Winters College. The 2018 CUPE strike that took place that school year took a financial toll on the Pub, resulting in the closure of the establishment during this time, with no non-resident patrons to keep sales up. The Absinthe Pub is the last student-run and operated a bar on York's campus. Being bonafide 'Ab Rats' and weekly patrons of the Pub who had come to develop a standing relationship with the establishment, Josh, with the help of other members of the Rock/Metal Association at York University, decided to endeavor on organizing band nights at the Pub to help reduce the financial burden currently being faced. We've been hosting these band nights for nearly 2 full school years now and it has surpassed all our expectations. Through many of the connections, new friendships, we have developed with numerous other bands during our time playing the Toronto music scene, we have been able to organize a typical 3-4 band lineup per band night. The Ab has given us a fantastic opportunity in providing an inclusive space for fellow musicians looking to gain live performance experience a place where they can do so at their own pace, and where friends and family are always welcome to share in on the festivities (on several drunken occasions, the entire pub has spontaneously entered into a choreographed flash mob dancing to "Mr. Brightside" by The Killers). 

After performing at staple venues across Toronto and having released two albums and two singles, Artificial Alien is growing quite a name for themselves. Is there anything you’d like to say to our readers about who you guys are and how you want to be presented?

The mission statement forArtificialAlienhas remained the same since starting the band: we intend on changing the world, making people dance, and doing it all with the help of good old fashioned rock 'n' roll. In a landscape of supposed "rock bands", we knew from the outset that we never wanted to, and never would, look or sound like anyone other than ourselves. We know our strengths and we play to them. We are incredible songwriters and are an extremely talented and hard-working live band when it comes to creating new music. With the band growing up just outside of Toronto, it's hard not to be influenced and motivated by the incredible pool of talent this city has been offering rock 'n' roll for the past 20 years. As we watched local artists like Billy Talent, Alexisonfire, JulyTalk, Metric, Death from Above, The Arkells, Monster Truck, & even Deadmau5 and Drake to name a few, all come from our province, our dream seemed attainable with enough momentum and determination behind us. Amongst this pool of Canadian talent and through an observation of the current landscape of Rock music today, we noticed that no one emerging band seemed determined to actually be that next "headlining", stadium anthem chasing band that would rise above the pack and proclaim themselves as the next big thing in Rock music. This realization was a sad and opportunistic truth that we came to realize, that lead us to fuel our ambitions of being the next great rock band for our generation. To your readers, this is still just the beginning of what we asArtificialAlienhave to offer. We are already hard at work on our next 2 projects while we wait for this quarantine to end. Now that our time as students has come to an end, our full attention and energy is being pumped into our music and ensuring that we continue to be the definitive new Toronto band on the scene. You ain't seen nothing yet! Stay tuned for more tunes coming very shortly.