Get Your Dose Of Mainza's, "Pills N Candy"

Raised in Massachusetts, 19-year-old Mainza Kasapo, professionally known as Mainza, is a growing spectacle of her own. Her journey began at 12, with her first professional recording being at 17. Now she can be heard bringing in past and future elements to create a bright sound like no other.

With the help of the producer and her elder brother, Kennedy Kasapo, Mainza is a self-proclaimed generation's voice through her music and themes on internal adversities as she empowers herself and others to overcome them.

"Pills N Candy" is the latest single to come from Mainza, and let us tell you - this track sparks up an immense amount of nostalgia. Taking the sonic path wave of an 80s inspired synth-wave meets electro-pop euphoria, we're obsessed with the groovy rhythm that gleams through our speakers. Closely listening to the mix, Mainza's sizzling timbres are one with the effervescent instrumentation as her vocalization soars across this glittery soundscape.

Portraying a smooth and intimate display of lyrical motifs, "Pills N Candy" has us grasping onto rhythmic motifs such as, 'Pills N Candy can't give satisfaction as I do too as I do to you.' Everything about this track has us swimming in an atmospheric realm that seems too good to be true. The dreamy quintessence of this record fits into its theme in such a transparent way that you know this is a match made in heaven.

Gracefully bringing a blissful composition on love and addictions to fruition, Mainza has us eating out of the palm of her hand. Take a plunge in Mainza's bubbly pop world as "Pills N Candy" has you living vicariously through the creatively focused superstar.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Mainza, and congratulations on the release of your latest single, "Pills N Candy." Touching on vices and the sweeter things in life, what moment or story brought this concept to life?

It sparked from a small conversation my brother and I had one night. He built the melody through piano cords, I came up with the hook right there, and "Pills N Candy" was born that night.

Does your sound tend to take this thoughtful approach? What played into the deciding factor when choosing the direction for "Pills N Candy?"

I am a lyricist, but I hardly ever think about what I'm writing until after it's done, and I'm like, "Oh shoot, that makes sense," or "that sounds cool" lol. That's how it was with Pills N Candy. It wasn't until after the song was done that I saw the many messages people could take from it. With music, I'm just chasing a feeling, it could be happy, sad, etc., but I won't hold back when expressing that feeling.

At only 19, you speak on some mature subjects. Have you always been received as mature for your age when growing up? Do you find this helps your songwriting?

Yeah, I like to be very conscious and aware of the world around me and the many realities people face. That's definitely been my biggest aid when creating music.

What does "Pills N Candy" mean to you in your own words?

"Pills N Candy" to me, means and represents all the not-so-great things that one could find satisfaction doing. Things that could potentially drive a wedge between people in relationships, any kind of relationship. It doesn't just have to be drugs, as one would assume based on the word choice. It really can be anything.

What's next for you?

I am currently working on my debut project, one that I'm really having fun creating and playing with different sounds, tapping into different genres. I can't wait for the world to hear it!


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