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"Getaway." to the Islands with Tewy's Latest Single

The Bay Area-based singer-songwriter, producer, and versatile pop artist Tewy encourages us to get going on a needed "Getaway" with his latest uplifting single.

Although his music career didn't begin with a regular path into music creation, Tewy has been able to hone in and focus on his evolving craft with help from his athletic determination and work ethic. A football player at the University of Oregon, Tewy now steers towards his music career with help from the magic of creativity and songwriting.

Elaborating on his latest single, "Getaway," Tewy and his bright vocals offer an immensely intriguing listening experience as he encourages us to set sail on a needed getaway. Also sharing a few passionate and playful nods to young love, Tewy's new single truly leaves us in need of a well-deserved break.

Jumping into "Getaway," the song opens with a pulsating synth arrangement that glitters and gleams with incredible energy and an uplifting undertone. As Tewy makes his way in, he begins to touch on a need to flee the city with someone special and hit the road on a spontaneous getaway.

As we reach the hook, Tewy rides the groovy pop beat with immense rhythm and passion while displaying his devotion for someone special and their sweet getaway. We love the vibrant feel of this single, especially as it offers an incredible blend of organic and synthetic instrumentation while Tewy serenades us with the utmost optimism and passion.

Take your "Getaway," with help from Tewy's latest single, and add the song to your road trip playlist on all digital streaming platforms.

We truly admire the uplifting and passionate tone of your latest single, "Getaway." What inspired you to write a song about getting away from the city's noise with someone special?

I think with everything that was going on in 2020. everyone was thinking about the next chance they'll get to take a trip they've always wanted to take. the goal is to make sure you have someone to escape with.

Did you produce the sonics yourself within "Getaway"? How did you create the production to offer this vacation-like vibe and atmosphere?

I collaborated with the talented EDM producer, Templo on this track. He sent me the beat and we had the makings of the song in just a couple of days! he captured the vibe perfectly and from there the writing was easy!

How did you want the listener to feel after listening to your passionate lyricism within "Getaway"? What did you want the listener to take away from this piece?

The message is pretty clear. a little spontaneity is important every now and then. get out and see the world. now more than ever, we are looking for new adventures. Seize that moment!

Do you usually create such uplifting and feel-good songs like "Getaway"? Are upbeat songs like this a usual occurrence for you?

I try to make music people can relate to and enjoy at any time. on the beach or at home. i just want to make stuff that makes you feel a little better than you did before you heard it.

What would you like new listeners to know about the music that you create?

I hope that everyone finds my music easy to listen to. that way it can be a part of your everyday life. im working on my craft just like anyone else and I hope that everyone can find a song or two of mine that they enjoy. my promise to my listeners is that the sound will evolve and my hope is that everyone can hop on board at any time!


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