Getting To Know Keen Sounds

What's up Keen Sounds! What motivated you to pursue music? When did you realize that this was the path for you?

Hey what’s up, I was motivated to do music just  from my love for the art. I’ve always loved music since being a kid. I realized as a teenager that music was the path for me.

Your single "Rockz" really had us vibing! What was the main vision you had when creating this record?

Thank you for the compliment, My vision was to make a high energy down south feel song. I feel like that Particular piece was missing from my catalog. 

What are some challenges you faced during the creation of "Rockz" and in what ways did you overcome these obstacles?

Well I usually don’t use  melodies or harmonize with auto tune so that was a bit of a challenge. I overcame this obstacle by taking some time listening to a few future and lil baby songs to perfect the cadence of the hook. 

Who are your three biggest musical influences who have helped shape your career in the music industry?

I would say I’m influenced a lot by artist like Jay Z, J. Cole, and Big Sean to name a few

We're extremely excited to see where you take your career next! You have promising talent. can you give us a small hint on what we can expect from you these next few months?

Thank you so much I really appreciate that. I plan on releasing a few more singles and I have a free mixtape also that I plan on releasing when it’s the right time.


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