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Ghost Train Shows How Well-Rounded and Diverse Rock Bands Can Get

Rock and Roll music is a beautiful genre that will never fade away. It’s a way for you to channel in your inner rebel when listening to some of your favorite bands! The dynamic rock and roll band from Ohio, Ghost Train, brings life, liberty, and pursuit of greatness into everybody who crosses paths with them. Ghost Train has a wide range of influences that peak through their unique electrifying sound. Their influences include various sounds of classic rock, intertwined with modern Pop, Country, Reggae, and Hip Hop! Which rock band do you know of is effortlessly blending genres like that? The way the different genres overlay one another and fuse together to fabricate the most rhythmic and trailblazing hit songs is just quite mesmerizing. Some of these amazing singles include the 2019 hit “For The Love Of Money”.

Ghost Train wasn’t only shining in this year as they have an entire track sheet of records in the year of 2018, and we can predict the same for 2020. Ghost Train has proved to be a consistent act that has put the work in, seasoning their artistry to deliver us the most record-breaking and exhilarating singles yet. If you’re looking forward to more from them, you can be sure to be on the lookout for their 2020 upcoming hit single “Jailhouse Woman”.

Give a listen to Ghost Train here.


Welcome to back BuzzMusic Ghost Train! We're so happy to have you as our breakthrough band! How has the last year been for Ghost Train?

It has been a year of further adventures, debauchery, and continuous development. From playing our first full tour to recording in the studio, 2019 as been very productive for Ghost Train. We’ve been branching outside our usual approach, and experimenting with different sounds and influences. Something we pride ourselves on as a band is our ability to appeal to a wide audience, so we look to capture that in our live recordings and new releases for 2020. The most noticeable difference has been the near-unanimous public welcome we received in our debut string of shows. It’s great to see people getting down to our music, and leaves us with a feeling of validation and inspiration as we look ahead to the future.

Talk to us about your releases in 2019! Which was your personal favorite song and why?

We’re very excited about our newest release “For The Love Of Money,” but what we’re even more excited about is all the music we were able to write and record for release in 2020! Without giving too much away, our fans will be pleased to experience more of that familiar rough-and-tumble rock n roll sound, while hearing Ghost Train step outside their usual comfort zone and explore more of the uncharted territory that continues to set us apart from other bands of this era. We’re using different technology, instruments, and really trying to push this train into the next decade!

In what ways does “For The Love Of Money” differentiate from the other singles you’ve released in 2019?

We are very excited about “For the Love of Money!” It features all the things that Ghost Train has come to be known for, based on a catchy, heavy riff sounding straight out of a time capsule from 1974. Bolstered by Eric Moss’ blistering guitar work, Ryan Griffis takes the reigns vocally and tells a story about a man who can’t seem to win over the affection of his materialistic and shallow sighted heart-throb. Sometimes the heart wants what the wallet can’t have. We approach this topic almost satirically, and in the least pretentious way, offer some commentary on the subject. You can try so hard to be something you’re not, just to try to win over the girl. But if you have to compromise your own identity and values to bridge that gap, then you’ve already lost yourself in doing so. Even though you weren’t charged, you still ended up paying. This extends to other subjects as well, not just romance. The point being, that we so readily set our identity and values aside in life just to make peace with our current situation, instead of reckoning with these issues and dealing with them head-on. Whether it be work, friends, politics, etc., we hope this message will resonate with our listeners and prompt them to stand up for their true beliefs and identity deep within.

What’s the most challenging aspect of your creative process and why?

The most challenging aspect of our creative process has just been finding the time for all of us to get together. Ghost Train represents the great state of Ohio, but we are spread all throughout its supple borders. What’s nice about this though, is that it gives us time to individually hone our craft and work on new material, so when we are back together there is never a dull moment.

The entire band has been very involved in the creation of our new material. We are coming together much more cohesively, and depending on the time of night, somewhat coherently as well. Unlike with others though, jamming together seems to come naturally. The open exchange of ideas is encouraged, and the sheer amount of talent that we’re working with as a collective is starting to dawn on us. We’re very excited to see where the rest of our creative process takes us, and we can’t wait to share it with you all as well!

Can you hint to our readers what we can expect from the upcoming single “Jailhouse Woman”?

Jailhouse woman is another song that tells a story – Eric Moss had dropped off his girl at the time at the downtown jail, and when he got home, he picked up the guitar and recorded an improv jam based on this raucous love. What followed next was nothing short of rock n roll history. If you’ve ever driven down an old back road in the summertime, drank whiskey out of a tin can, or taken a collect call from the county jail, this is a song for you. Similarly, if you’ve ever felt imprisoned by a love that is either out of control or out of reach, then this is also a song for you.

What’s next for you Ghost Train? We can't wait to hear what the new year brings for you!

A lot more shows, and many more recordings to come! Our music is starting to gain a natural momentum, and we're just as excited to see where it takes us as we look ahead towards uncharted territory. We'll be testing the bounds of our creativity, musicianship, and dedication as we continue to push ourselves closer to this goal that we all share. There are certain moments in life that can define your future for years to come, though they are not always easily identified, and do not often come with easy decisions along the way. There are some who are deterred by this path less taken, but there are also those who choose to seize the moment. We plan to do just that. We will continue to put in the work that others won't, so we can live a life that others can't - and though we're far from the top, the potential is still bottomless! We appreciate everyone who has come for the ride along the way, and can't wait to meet new friends and reach new listeners in 2020!



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