Gianluca Todisco Asks "What is Reality," in a New Single and Music Video

From Rome to New York and finally Los Angeles, the singer-songwriter and Latin-Pop artist Gianluca Todisco invites us on a trip into our imagination with his latest single and music video, "What is Reality."

Having obtained his bachelor's degree in Fashion and Performing Arts while studying at La Sapienza University in Rome, Gianluca Todisco soon realized that he needed to hone in on his creative abilities and flee to the states while striving to make a name for himself.

Now releasing his heavy-hitting single and music video for "What is Reality," Gianluca Todisco delivers his deep and engaging performance while singing in both Italian and English. This Latin-Pop banger calls on listeners to dissect their imagination and confront their hopes, dreams, and fears. Through Gianluca Todisco's intense performance and meaningful lyricism, listeners are bound to feel something deep inside.

Listening to "What is Reality," a hazy synth accompanied by a blazing electric guitar opens the song while making way for Gianluca Todisco's breathy and low vocals to join the party. While he opens the song in Italian, we're naturally drawn to his passionate performance even though the language barrier stands between us. Transitioning to English for the song's second half, Gianluca Todisco and his dark instrumentals/sonics remind us that time heals all wounds, especially when we focus on the bright side.

Peaking at the music video for "What is Reality," Gianluca Todisco delivers his relatable lyricism while surrounded by dim red lights and vivid scenes of a woman lathering her hands in the darkest mud. We must note the brilliant cinematography from director/editor Luca Marincione, as the hazy scenes truly emphasize the dark corners of our imagination while leaving us inspired to seek the light at the end of the tunnel.

Don't miss out on the stimulating experience of Gianluca Todisco's latest single and music video for "What is Reality," now available on YouTube and all streaming platforms.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Gianluca Todisco. We're deep in the groove of your latest single, "What is Reality." What pushed and inspired you to create a song based on our imagination's good and bad aspects?

Hi BuzzMusic! It actually came along when I was producing the song and during the writing process, it seemed to me as if the song was produced in another dimension, having different perceptions of the reality around. I think the mind is our home, is where our imagination is deep-rooted. We live in our minds for the most time of the day, we think, we dream, we hope, but it is also the place where you find your deepest fears, scary thoughts, worries that affect your life but that are not even real most of the times.

What inspired the dark red and hazy scenes for your music video, "What is Reality?” Why did you choose this sort of atmosphere for the music video?

The scenery materialized with the growth of the song, I couldn’t see other images, other colors for the visual of the song. That atmosphere is the trip that our mind does every single day. We pass from moments of clear consciousness, of liberation/true happiness, to moments of real fear, paranoia and this is the process every one of us goes through the day. All these moments and different feelings are the patterns for dynamic growth in our lives.

How did director/editor Luca Marincione help you out during your music video creation for "What is Reality?” What was your collaborative experience like?

Oh Luca is an amazing human being and he really knows what he does, “What is Reality” was my 5th visual collaborating with him. Since the first production we did “Laces”, the connection was amazing. Every time is an amazing experience because he has an extraordinary sensibility behind his lenses. He understands exactly what I mean when I explain my visions to him, without even spend a lot of words. Since the beginning, he understood the type of dynamicity I wanted for “What is Reality” shots. He’s always ready to jump into new adventures.

For readers who are just discovering your music now, could you help them get to know you better? What do you stand for/represent as an artist, and what sort of sound and themes do you usually bring to the table?

My music represents me at 100%. I write about things I live, experiences I had, or people next to me had. I write about things, people who affect me in first person and that have an impact on my life. My songs are like a journal for me, they show a process of growth that each of us has during the period of our life here. I really think that each of us has a different perception of reality and lives following our own truth and we should respect this, respect different choices. I want to share messages of acceptance, empowerment, because my personal experiences may help other people to go through some situation, maybe because in that particular moment they don’t have the power or the strength to face it and being able to talk about it, so they don’t have to fight for this on their own. Who doesn’t have a song that saved a bad day or maybe reminds you of the happiest moment of your life?

My sound has really no barrier because I am continuously in love with new cultures, new languages. I love to hear typical music from different countries and I love to mix all of that in my music.

What's next for you?

I have few projects going on so stay tuned! Definitely, I wanna experiment with news sounds, things that are challenging for me. Progression is what is important for me, the way I see things, the way I create.