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Gigi Rich Delivers Soulful Jazz!

Hailing from New Jersey, Gianna Richelle Salvato is known as Gigi Rich, is a soulful jazzy pop singer/songwriter. Gigi first became enthralled with music at a young age when listening to Alicia Keys’ very first album. This inspired her to pursue a passion for playing the piano, writing music, and bringing it to life through song. Gigi’s musical influences range from James Brown and Fleetwood Mac to Amy Winehouse and the aforementioned Alicia Keys. She uses her personal experiences to draw inspiration from in her lyrical writing, which comes across as authentic and beautiful poetry. After releasing four singles in 2019 she is currently completing her follow up EP. 

It is no surprise that her most recent single "Guilty Pleasure" was featured in the film The Wedding Year. Gigi’s powerful and soulful voice is a force to be reckoned with. Her raw and natural talent is beyond apparent when listening to her music. Coupled with lyrics that are poetic in nature, Gigi Rich is by far a star in the making. Her other singles, "Silver Lining", "Don’t Give Up On Me", and "One Night" showcase her remarkable gift in an awe-inspiring way. Big things are in store for Gigi Rich as she continues to create music and inspire the masses with her impressive sound.

Check out Gigi Rich’s music here!


Welcome back to BuzzMusic Gigi! Your music is so beautiful and you have such an incredible voice! What is your creative process like for making music?

Thank you SO much! That is so sweet of you to say. My creative ideas can come to me in many different ways. There is no definitive pattern in the way that I write. Sometimes it can be melody, other times it’s lyric, and even a chord progression that strikes me -  and then I go to work from there. In terms of concepts though, all of that comes from whatever is going on in my life at any particular time. It is definitely my way of working through life stuff.

How did your song ‘Guilty Pleasure’ end up in the movie The Wedding Year?

A producer I was working with had a friend who knew someone filming that movie that mentioned they were looking for music (LOL,  lots of people involved). He offered to send them some of my music, which was so awesome of him because he did NOT have to do that - and they ended up picking one of the songs! 

We love that you use your personal experiences in songwriting, ‘Don’t Give Up On Me’ is an especially heartfelt and personal song – what message were you hoping listeners would get from it?

I actually wrote that song for the person I was with at the time. That relationship brought out a lot of insecurities within me that I had to deal with - and that’s kind of what it’s about. That yes, maybe at this moment I might feel insecure and realize I am sensitive, emotional and a little all over the place at times, but I will love you like no one else could ever love you. I hope listeners take away that being vulnerable is a strength and not a weakness - and that being honest about your emotions takes a lot of courage, even if it’s with someone you love and trust. That idea transcends just romantic relationships and flows into all other aspects of life.

Your sound has been likened to artists like Alicia Keys and Amy Winehouse, how influential were these artists music in your releases of 2019?

They will always be influences of mine. Both artists hold special places in my heart because their music makes me feel so many emotions – and even now am always learning something new from their songs. I also feel like I’m allowing myself to experiment with other types of music I’ve always really gravitated to. I love classic rock and bands like Queen, Fleetwood Mac and Heart. Soul will always be at the root of all of my music, but I definitely switched it up a bit this year! My releases lean more on the pop/rock side of things, which I love. 

Can we expect a tour accompanying the release of your upcoming EP?

I definitely want to set up a tour!  I’m still in the studio right now, but I would absolutely love to do an east coast/west coast tour - or just perform anywhere for that matter. Playing the new stuff I’ve been writing will be amazing.

What’s next for you in the coming new year?

I’m really excited for the new year - 2019 was a year of tremendous change for me and is reflected in my new music. I want to release this EP, play shows and connect with people – and just keep working hard, staying focused and putting out into the music world that I’d love to write more for other artists as well.


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