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Gina D’Soto Is Starstruck And Smitten On Her New Release, “The Best Thing”

The giddy joy of love is one of our most precious and exciting feelings.

With a rare and exquisite singing, writing, and composing talent, there’s almost nothing musically that electrifying artist Gina D’Soto achieves. Hailing from Havana, Cuba's beautiful, sunny, and historic city, D’Soto has quickly established herself amongst her peers with an electrifying and empowering stage presence and exquisite vocal ability. With her vulnerability, pure heart, and relatable lyrics capturing the imaginations of audiences everywhere, D’Soto just might be setting herself up for a breakout year in 2024.

Due to her mastery of multiple musical disciplines, D’Soto has rubbed shoulders with many musicians renowned in the industry. Boasting a musical blend that feels like an invigorating fusion of jazz, soul, and Cuban traditions, D’Soto has crafted a sound that is true to her roots and, most importantly, uniquely hers. Having also shared the stage with musicians like Arturo O’Farill, Antonio Sanchez, and more, D’Soto has already shown she’s not afraid of the bright lights as she continues capturing hearts at events and venues like the International Jazz Plaza Festival, the Havana Jazz Festival, and more, this budding star’s musical journey is only just beginning.

“The Best Thing” is a testament to D’Soto’s continuing artistic brilliance. The instrumental performance is typical of D’Soto: smooth and effortless, combining cool jazz influences with a touch of afrobeat and Cuban sunshine. “You are a beautiful creation / sweet invention from the stars,” she sings, almost giddy. D’Soto’s undeniable charm underlines the passion and energy she puts into every syllable, making “The Best Thing” a rousing release that will stir some welcome feelings.

On “The Best Thing,” Gina D’Soto continues to impress and prove why she’s one of the most exciting talents in the industry right now. Whenever you’re ready, tap in and stream Gina D’Soto’s latest release, “The Best Thing,” on all majour streaming platforms.

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