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Glimmer in Waves of Nostalgia With, "Perfect Diamonds," From The Safety Word and Zak Vortex

Melbourne, Australia’s, Electronic duo, The Safety Word is comprised of core songwriting team John Rousvanis on (vocals/electric guitar), and Simon Quinn (laptop/keys).

Known for their immersive soundscapes that dip their fan base into a musical world inspired by dream pop, chillwave, and trip-hop sensibilities, listeners get to feel out their anticipation for what’s next to come from The Safety Word. Joining forces with UK-based retro-wave extraordinaire Zak Vortex, we’re all soon to plunge into a pool of 80s nostalgia as the collaborative single, “Perfect Diamonds,” is set to grace our presence Friday, August 13th. Extending their artistic versatility to a realm that has lyrical motifs leaping from the speakers in this picturesque vision of young lovers meeting under the horizon, the synth-pop offering is sure to bring out the best of these creatives, as they project a seamless dynamism that has harks back to simpler time pre-pandemic. Eager to experience the over the top exclusivity that a Zak Vortex and The Safety Word collaborative effort will bring to the table, this dream team has us ready to take in a myriad of bass-driven rhythms, feathery synths, and sparkling elements that together contrast the fully loaded quintessence of “Perfect Diamonds.” Coming to us alongside a string of intricately crafted remixes that all follow the genre-bending suit of “Perfect Diamonds,” we know that we’re all in for the eclectic mix of atmospheric goodness soon to be bumping from our speakers.

Catch "Perfect Diamonds," premiering on BuzzMusic on August 13.

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