Go Through the "Phases of a Breakdown," With Evolsi

Singer and songwriter, Evolsi is fresh off the release of her long-awaited EP, 'Phases of a Breakdown.' With her roots being from Southeast Texas, Evolsi’s sound is constantly evolving as she remains influenced by an immense miscellany of genres and artists, but mainly residing in a unique sound of Alternative Indie with a flair for captivating Pop hooks.

Currently based out of Los Angeles, Evolsi showcases an introspective look at what going through life’s phases looks like from the inside out. 'Phases of a Breakdown,' contains six songs that delve into this theme as we sweep Evolsi’s inimitable delivery and brooding songwriting techniques that continue to attract a diverse group of listeners far and wide.

Tantalizing tones simmer in a reverberated atmosphere that spins out in profoundly honest lyrics that pour from Evolsi’s heart. The ethereal creations that tour us through each song have us floating on cloud nine as we bask in the elusive performance that has us hanging on to the edge of our seat.

The elements of Electro-Pop bliss add a textured environment for listeners to feast on the lively dynamism that surfaces in the unique delivery of each song presented before us. From honest ballads such as “Over It,” to break up anthems that make you want to dance like the lead hit single, “Break Up!,” the phases that Evolsi references often throughout the impeccably curated tracklist takes listeners on a voyage that transports them full circle with the start of each new track.

“Codependent,” takes on the ominous hues of a dark atmosphere that breeds on the thesis of codependency. Swaying between the enticing ambiances that have us lurking in the shadowy alleys of Evolsi’s mind, we get taken into a hook that kicks the energy up a notch as we rejoice in an all too relevant topic.

“1 More Time,” is the second single released from 'Phases of a Breakdown.' Embracing her sexuality in an authentic manner, Evolsi empowers the listeners out there to embrace the vivid and uncensored version of themselves. Amplifying the energy, we adore the vocalization placed into the track with such conviction.

Evolsi is the queen of dipping into poignant topics that welcome us into a whirlwind of emotions that are best felt when we fully embrace them. Taking the vibrations to a buoyant fusion of danceable tenors, “When You’re Single,” has us captivated by the mesmerizing performance that she delves into. The sultry hunger that dangles from the quintessence of Evolsi exemplifies independence in the best way possible. Then we get to hear her do a 360 as she closes off the EP with 'Phases,' tying every loose end together as she speaks about the phases we all go through, in a carefully arranged Pop-flavoured universe.

As we cherish each bop more than the last, the full concept of 'Phases of a Breakdown,' is rather brilliant. Creating a medley of mesmerizing hits that all have their own place in the creative spectrum, we feel closer to Evolsi as she reigns supreme in a league of her own.

Welcome back to BuzzMusic, Evolsi, we are so happy to catch up with you now that the project 'Phases of a Breakdown,' is finally released! Could you please take us into what inspired the full concept of the EP? How did the idea come to you?

Thank you so much! This EP was created pretty selfishly, as a release for my personal emotions. Just like for everyone else, 2020 was a hard year for me. Between the pandemic, family issues, coming to terms with my sexuality, and the downfall of a romantic relationship I was briefly in, I found myself struggling with balancing all of the highs and lows. When I was writing the project, the lyrics “I'm going through phases, but I’m afraid of change” kept popping back into my head. This sparked the idea for Phases of a Breakdown, and when it came to me, I knew it perfectly described this time in my life. Each song represents a different phase in the overall breakdown that this project is referring to. It’s a fight with, and against myself, as I searched for my own internal happiness. It wasn't until I was able to look inward and be honest with myself and everyone around me that I found the solace I was so desperately searching for during the creation of this project.

Out of the six songs that listeners can hear, do you have a specific track that resonates with you more than others? Why?

It’s really hard to choose one song that resonates the most because they all play such an important role in the overarching story I am trying to tell. That said, I think you can really feel the emotion in ‘Codependent.’ When the final chorus comes to an end, you can still hear the ending of the vocal take where I was releasing all of my feelings. I really put every ounce of expression I had into that last take, so it always hits me in a deep way when I hear it back.

Were there any challenges along the way that make the release process of 'Phases of a Breakdown,' that much more special to you?

There were so many challenges! I think when you set out to make any sort of project independently, you run into issues that can feel all-encompassing because of the lack of help. Keeping track of the budget, and making sure everyone was on the proper timeline, while also balancing all of the moving parts related to the release were definitely my biggest challenges with this project. I have not solidified a team just yet, so Phases of a Breakdown was created, written, and managed by me with the help of a few professionals/friends I brought in to further the production, mastering, and branding. One of my favorite parts of creating this project was the merch we created to coincide with the release. Every piece was designed and screen-printed in-house by myself and my girlfriend who owns Minor Studios. With that said, each step in the merch-making process brought forth many challenges, but we shipped out all orders last week and are happy to say that it has all been a success so far.

How long did it take you to create and release the full tracklist? Would you have done anything differently?

From ideation to completion, it has taken about 10 months to bring Phases of a Breakdown to life. I produced and wrote all of the demos between June and August myself. It wasn't until August that I called in Joseph Barrios to help take the demos and elevate them into something of the quality that I wanted to release. Between August and October, he and I worked together to solidify most of the production on the tracks. In October, I rented an Airbnb in Arizona where I brought all of my equipment and recorded the vocals for the entire EP. From there, it really took from October until February to wrap up the additional production, mixing, and mastering of the music. The branding, however, was something we were trying to solidify during the entire creation of the music. Looking back, I don't think I would do much differently. I had a fire in me to make and release this project because it felt like something I had to do. I am definitely taking notes on the things I think I could do better on the next project, but overall I’m stoked to have brought this to life in a way I only dreamed I would be able to.

What is the main message that you hope your listeners take away from this EP?

The main message I hope they take away is that no matter what phase of life you’re in, and how hard it may be, you can make it through. I was struggling with coming to terms with my sexuality, and navigating how I would communicate that to my family and friends who had no idea this was the case for me. I know firsthand how hard it can be to go through really tough situations alone, so I want the listeners to know that they can find solace in their situation through listening to this music and understanding that we all have our struggles to overcome. These struggles shouldn't overwhelm or discourage us, they should inspire us to take the pain, and the heartache, and try our best to turn it into something beautiful. All I wanted to achieve with this project was to tell an honest story that I am proud of. I hope more than anything that anyone who can relate to this EP will find comfort in my lyrics, and that the music can help them heal as much as creating it helped me do so.