If you haven't heard of Saddle of Southern Darkness then you've been hiding underneath a rock and you seriously need to GET OUT more often.  The music of this Denver based band is cutting a new edge into a unique genre and creating a stir nationwide.  If you're as curious as we are, read on.

Where did each member of SOSD grow up? 

Owensboro, Kentucky for Chase and I, Denver, Colorado for Rob and Mark. 

What is the musical background of SOSD and why does it all work together so well?

Our roots are in real country music and Metal. We spend a lot of time focusing on each song to make them work in our own way. 

We definitely hear the metal influences!  What are your favorite metal bands?

Currently.... Bathory, Toke, and Necrot to name a few. 

How would you describe the style of the SOSD stage show?

Our show is like a knife fight, beer drinking, and Hell raising debauchery.

In what ways has your newest music changed from when you first started?

Well we’ve grown as musicians and try to make every record different from the last. Bringing Rob Van Natta in on drums has brought more energy to our music I feel The Feral Few represents the live show everyone has been witnessing this past year. 

What would be your dream venue in which to perform and favorite cities yet to play? 

If we’re dreaming I’d say the Grand Ole Opry or Wacken Open Air. 

Some of our favorite places to perform are Stevens Point-Wisconsin, Houston-Texas, and Any small towns across America that aren’t afraid to get loud and have a damn good time. 

Which famous musicians have you learned from?

This list could go on about 30 pages but to name a few.... 



George Jones

Hank 3 

Where does the band like to unwind and chill together? Any favorite local hangs?

Typically in the Killbilly Saloon as we call it, a shed out behind our house. Our favorite local hangs would be TRVE Brewery and Black Sky Brewery in Denver, CO. 

When does the vinyl drop? 

The vinyl is currently in production and we haven’t set the release date yet. But keep your ears to the ground and follow us on social media because we will be posting the date soon.