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GR3YWXLF Talks About His Busy Year and Upcoming New Releases

Fusing woke lyricism with his wise super-villain approach, the enigmatic lo-fi nomad isn't what you would come to expect from the traditional UK soundscape. The intricate artist who goes by the name of GR3YWXLF, creatively interweaves pop culture references alongside life survival narration. He has many musical influences that inspire his sound, leaving him never pigeoned-holed to one specific, definable genre. GR3YWXLF has a flair for the cinematic and we can’t get enough.

Just in 2019, GR3YWXLF has released nine new tracks with a tenth on the way. He’s an extremely versatile artist and master lyricist. He blends his own authentic version of hip-hop with a refreshing soundscape that pleasing to the masses. He’s garnered himself an impressive 35k monthly listeners on Spotify and shows no signs of slowing down! His releases this year include “4AM”, “Orphan”, “Wxlf 3:16”, “CoffeeWxlf”, “NOHEROES”, “MAD.”, “Killmonger”, and his latest “Lavish”. All blending GR3YWXLF’s charisma, yet remaining individual enough to be accessible by the masses. GR3YWXLF is unapologetic and energizing, he effortlessly goes against the grain and is making waves throughout the music industry with his alternative hip-hop aura. Keep up with GR3YWXLF and his latest single “ImmuneBoostr” which is officially out now! Check out GR3YWXLF’s music here and read more with the artist below!

Welcome back to BuzzMusic GR3YWXLF! It’s such a pleasure to be chatting with you again. You seem to be an artist that puts a substantial amount of thought into your music and lyrics! Who/what has inspired you to be the artist you are today?

Ayoo! Likewise! Thanks for having me back! As far as inspiration goes, I'd say I'm a product of a variety of things. Life navigation and the ranging experiences that come with survival. I also inspire myself cause you know.. that self worth has to of course start within you.

"Lavish" is an energizing and refreshing new song. Where did you draw inspiration for this particular track?

Glad you dig it! Honestly, this kind of wrote itself. Myself and Sunny Kale (absolutely dope producer) spent about 4 days straight in the studio cooking up a variety of ideas. During the tail end of our last session I had a basic concept in mind- menacing and foreboding, he put together the beat for Lavish, I brewed up a flow and thus another vibe was born.

“4AM” seems like a deeply personal track. Is vulnerability something your fans can always expect from your music? Can you tell us more about this particular song?

Most definitely. Well, depending on the angle I'm coming from. Music is such a beautiful thing in the way that you can use it to convey so much. This I wrote at a particularly pivotal point of my self-growth, weighing up potential decisions, the wins, and losses alongside the endless possibilities ahead. Holding myself accountable for the road less traveled.

We know that you're a lover of integrating a variety of elements in your music. Would you ever incorporate contrasting genres into your music, or do you think it would ruin the type of sound you're attempting to reach?

Oh most definitely. Blending contrasting genres is certainly something I would like to explore more of, but I want it to be organic rather than forced you know? I'm trying to be a maestro with the audio alchemy so experimenting is always going to be key.

We're stoked on your new upcoming release! What can you tell us about your new song “ImmuneBoostr”?

Appreciate you appreciate you. Immuneboostr is quite simply me reveling in the art of super-villainy and survival tropes. Sprinkled in some biblical and comic book imagery which I'm going to leave you and the listeners to unwrap and interpret. I guess the better question is, what do YOU think it's about?

What can we expect to see from you next as 2019 comes to an end?

So with the end of 2019 fast approaching (crazy how quickly time has flown), I've got two more singles to drop before I take a break and kick back for a little bit. Might aim for a double release in December, but either way more villain vibes on the way.


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