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Grace Carey-Hill Fights the Good Fight in “Stay”

From Los Angeles to music city, singer-songwriter and pop/R&B recording artist Grace Carey-Hill shares an anthem for the resilient with her new single, "Stay."

The 24-year-old Nashville-based artist is proving herself an artist to watch in the ever-changing R&B and pop music scene, weaving life experiences into chilling melodies that stir the soul. With influences like Amy Winehouse, Ariana Grande, and Lawrence, Grace Carey-Hill is merging past and present sounds to create something uniquely her own, as heard in her recent single, "Stay."

The new song perfectly portrays the personal, emotional vulnerability of feeling lonely and tired of life's trials and tribulations. But, alas, Carey-Hill always chooses to "Stay" and endure the storm. She bravely shows that strength and vulnerability can coexist beautifully, which everyone needs to hear.

"Stay" opens with a melancholy, watered-down piano melody alongside Grace Carey-Hill's smooth, melancholy vocals that express her highs and lows, sinking deeper toward rock bottom. But just as the rush of a cool breeze strikes out of nowhere, Carey-Hill hits the chorus with profound emotional angst, expressing how tired she is of feeling overwhelmed, jealous, and lonely - struggles we all face from time to time.

As she sinks back into the reflective verse alongside a downtempo pop beat and subtle background melodies, the hook shakes our speakers once more to bring the message home: when all feels lost, and the grey clouds are pouring, "Stay" resilient, as the best is yet to come. While most of the song expresses Carey-Hill's confession of feeling tired of life's lows, it's a sharp reminder that we can weather any storm.

Grace Carey-Hill's chant-worthy new anthem, "Stay," is a cathartic sonic confession that anyone can find a piece of themselves in. Experience it yourself and catch it on all digital streaming platforms.


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