Grant Brett Paints Quite The Sultry Scene In, “What You Like”

Hailing from Portland, Oregon, singer-songwriter and passionate recording artist Grant Brett gives us a sensual Sunday morning vibe with his latest single, "What You Like."

A certain versatility comes with Grant Brett's Chillwave tunes, perfectly blurring the lines between r&b, pop, and alternative. Brett formulated his unique sound with help from artistic influences like Alina Baraz, ZAYN, and Glass Animals. He's also landed himself as a finalist in the Local Roots Pop Music Concert for his single, "Crazy."

Now releasing his latest hit, "What You Like," we're sure a dreamy and passionate tune like this will lead Brett towards even more opportunity. It's no doubt the Portland-based singer's music is chilling, but the overall sultry atmosphere he provides in this song through the descriptive lyrics and tender sonics takes Brett's sound to new and intriguing levels.

Dipping into the waters of "What You Like," we're softly greeted with a soothing array of background synths, warm sub-bass, and bright keyboard melodies that set the song's dreamy and sexual tone. As the slow and nostalgic r&b drums kick in, Grant Brett's clear vocals drift through our speakers with equal amounts of passion and commitment towards someone special.

We also love how straightforward Brett's lyrics are; he wastes no time in telling his lover about what feels right, what he plans to do, and where the night is headed. It's likely Brett created this track for you to add to your 'spicy' playlist if you get what we're hinting at. All in all, the sensual, calming, yet the gripping experience is truly a treat for the ears—and maybe other body parts too.

Get to know "What You Like," and then hit play on the chilling adventure that is Grant Brett's sultry new single, now available on all streaming platforms.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Grant Brett. We're truly enthralled by the overall exciting yet sensual experience within your latest single, "What You Like." What inspired this rather descriptive and passionate song?

About two years ago, I released my last single, "Silence," which was about dealing with inner demons and overall a very depressing song. Now since we have all felt the Covid fatigue over the past two years, I wanted to give everyone something sexy to listen to. I want everyone listening to feel sexy. We deserve it!

Was it easy for you to paint such alluring and passionate scenes with your lyrics in "What You Like?" Was this a relatively 'intimate' songwriting process?

One afternoon I just sat down and started writing. I wanted to create something that would be sexual without being too vulgar. I rewrote it a few times because, in the back of my head, I was like, what would my mom say if she heard this? Haha. I wanted to create a song where I could really have fun with it.

Did you create the soothing production within "What You Like"? What vibe and feeling did you want the production to emit?

I worked with Luke Neill from Track 11 Music. I went to my studio session with a lot of ideas and the vibe I wanted. I got my inspiration from artists like Alina Baraz, and Zayn Malik. Luke really helped me bring my ideas to life.

Do you usually put such passion, depth, and detail into your songs, similar to "What You Like?" How does this song stand out from your others?

When writing a song, I do bring a lot of passion. I have written about breakups in my song "Drive Away," I have written about mental health in my song "Crazy," and I have written about ending a friendship in my song "Fake Friend." I feel like a songwriter. You have to write with passion; otherwise, it will show in your overall performance. "What You Like" was the first time that I have written about sex, and I have to say it really felt natural to write it all down.

What can listeners anticipate to hear next from you?

I am working with a couple of producers on remixes for my single "What You Like," and I have an EP in the works, which I'm very excited to share. It is going to be sexy Sunday morning listening vibes. It should be out in the spring.