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Gratitude For the Higher Ups, TBII Offers Appreciation on, "One More Day"

From singing at the tender age of three, Gospel Hip-hop artist TBII, or affectionately known as Thurman B, has since matured into a strong vessel that God has placed in this world to minister to souls through his striking masterpieces.

With his life being a testimony of numerous elements, some of which include life, love, loss, death, redemption, healing, and deliverance, he places faith in the fact that his message will have a worldwide reach as long as God keeps using him for his glory.

"One More Day" is the most recent single from this influential emcee. With the captivating rhythm that lies in the instrumentation's thick, we are warmly embraced by the groove infused essence that carries heavy soul undertones. Striking vocals from TBII has us basking in the divine simplicity that the glorious lyrics bring as he conveys the overall message that he thanks the Lord for one more day on this Earth.

The dynamism between himself and the gospel singers harmonizing with each note displayed have us truly feeling the gratitude wrapped into the gripping dreamscape portrayed. We're rather fond of the variety of vocal ranges that can get a spotlight as the instrumentation itself switches up, embodying even more passion as we progress through the single.

TBII depicts his morals and values as he shares his faith with us in order to inspire those who need a bit of hope. Surrounding us amongst his cordiality dipped into the light he casts out, this emerging artist has us reaching for the stars and sharing our appreciation as we feel refreshed from this renowned wonder that is, "One More Day." As we are fully tapped into what he has next for us, we encourage you to take in all that is TBII.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, TBII, and congratulations on the release of, “One More Day.” We felt truly inspired listening to the passion behind this piece of work. You’ve gone through quite the set of trials and tribulations to get you to this point in life. How have you found that you have grown as an artist through the thick of it?

Thank you so much! I believe that those experiences, while very heartbreaking and traumatic, they definitely shaped me into the man and artist I am today! I am definitely more fluid with the music and with lyrical content and being a Gospel/Soul singer it has been important to me to be able to always give my all! After I lost my brother, mother, and father, I had to find my way back to me! Music is my venting place that allows me to express in a song that I can't always express vocally and now my heart is fully invested in providing healing through song for everyone!

The simplicity in the lyrics drives home the message in this track. What encouraged you to take this approach when creating “One More Day?"

Yesssuhhhh!!! Well, "One More Day" came to me about 2 years after my last album was out, while I was touring! I was thinking about everything I had survived and looked at what God allowed me to do and I was truly grateful for just one more day! So when it came time to record the new album, the first song that I presented to my team, (S/o my producer Marion Robinson IV, My MD Jay Walker, and Keyboardist Justus Wilkinson), was "One More Day" and they were definitely down for the simplicity of it!!!! It's funny because I always come up with these simple hooks that I criticize myself for being too simple, but they turn out to be the most heartfelt songs on my projects lol! I've learned throughout my musical career that less is more and with everything going on in the world and I mean everything. It really is important that before we do anything else with our days, we must stop and simply thank the Lord for one more day! Somebody didn't wake up today but God saw fit that you did. Have to appreciate each day that we are given because you never know when it's your last.

What was the recording process like when getting the featuring gospel singers involved? We can only imagine the ambiance was something extravagant.

Oh wow! Listen! My recording process is so special because I and the crew start every session with prayer and our prayer is always "Lord thank you for this day and thank you for allowing us to express our appreciation to you in the creative way you gave us! When it comes to" One More Day" all the vocals lead and background are all me! So, Marion kind of cuts me loose and then after a few rounds then we dig the next couple of takes for details! Jay and Justus deal with the music and arranging so everyone's ear is focused on the message and the mission of how we want the song to deliver! What's crazy is that after the sessions for this song and the other songs on the album, there is air in the room that literally shifts us somewhere else and I tell you, we have had straight worship sessions that are so powerful that we have cried, laid out and just been filled with so much spirit that it takes over the session and it translates on the records! It's fun and it's all love because it lets us know that we are definitely in the right direction! Yea mane... Whew, finna get messed up right now smh!

Through the hardships that you have faced in your life, what words of wisdom do you have to pass on to your audience?

The best way to grieve is with the Lord! He is fully aware of how you feel and He will be right there when you get done feeling it! I went through alot after those deaths! Lost my job, lost my home, me and girlfriend who is now my wife (Sandy love ya babe lol), we're definitely going through the roughest patch you could imagine, I was heavily depressed, suicidal, abusing multiple substances and was seriously doing everything in my power to die. But God would not let me die. He made it his business to keep me here and stayed with me because He had a strong purpose for my life and looking back on it now, whew! So the best words of wisdom or advice I always want to give to my audience is to simply live! I learned that the best way to honor the memory of my parents and brother, was to do what they left me here doing and that is living! It's not always easy, and no one said it would be easy, but the great thing is that God will never leave you alone, and as long as he keeps giving you "One More Day." Haaaa see how I did that right there. You will never be alone because you are apart of his plan! So get up and Live!

What has been keeping you inspired throughout the last year to create music?

2020 was something else right? My main inspiration has been my love for God and my love for my wife and those that are my circle..because they would not let me quit! Plus, I was created for this and so it is my duty to continue because someone is stuck where I was and they need what God gave me to push through! So I keep my eyes focused on the mission and I create from my heart and soul, that way I'm always in the flow of what God is doing for his people!


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