Greg Hoy Drives Through "Highway 101," in a New Music Video

Constantly stepping up his game and setting the bar higher with each release, singer-songwriter, engineer, and rock artist Greg Hoy releases a memorable and picturesque music video for his feel-good single, "Highway 101."

Over the past year, Greg Hoy stepped into the role of a solo music career and has already received incredible attention from listeners around America. Inspired by acts like Dave Grohl and Jack White, Greg Hoy offers a soulful blend of rock merged with the soothing sounds of folk that emphasize his melodic arrangements.

Now releasing his music video for "Highway 101," the song itself offers an old-school twang that leaves any listeners captivated and engaged. As the music video touches on dear memories and enjoying a road trip's scenery and landscape, Greg Hoy can be seen grooving away in the studio with his bandmates in Minnesota.

The music video for "Highway 101" opens with a toy station wagon slowly moving through a set-up landscape while being pulled by a string. As the video transitions into scenes of Greg Hoy and his bandmates jamming to the song's upbeat and lively flair, it later moves back to the same toy car driving through vibrant scenery that reminds us of those dear road trips.

Greg Hoy mentioned that one of the backdrops is the colorful visionary of Salvation Rock in California, which further emphasizes the video's memorable and nostalgic feel. We love the playful and feel-good approach to this video, as it ends on a bright note with Greg Hoy's soulful performance while holding those sweet memories close to his heart.

Take a ride through "Highway 101" with Greg Hoy's latest music video, now available on YouTube.