Grizzy Wynter Spits Facts In “Weird Flex”

Putting Vancouver on the map in a big way, Grizzy Wynter is always coming back with new powerhouse content. Born to Jamaican parents, Grizzy Wynter grew up listening to Reggae at an early age. His childhood consisted of Bob Marley and Peter Tosh, this eventually grew into Grizzy Wynter using music as an outlet. Finding inspiration from people like Nas, Tech N9ne and Lil Wayne to bands like Linkin Park and Foo Fighters, Grizzy Wynter is always pulling from new places for his individual sound. Making a spot for himself as a legend, Grizzy Wynter aims to make history.

“Weird Flex” is a killer new track from Grizzy Wynter. A dope and heavy beat drops and immediately demands attention from the listener. CxCxchuchu joins Grizzy on this track and the chemistry and empowering attitude bleeds through the speakers. Grizzy Wynter spits addicting and quirky bars throughout every verse. He’s able to convey his confidence and multi skill set through his unique tone and style. Grizzy Wynter’s rap ability is incomparable! I’m blasting this track on repeat so I don’t miss one word of it. Grizzy Wynter breaks stereotypical boundaries through his involvement and dedication to his work. He knows what his listeners want to hear and he delivers it everytime. “Weird Flex” boasts the confidence of an icon that’s needed in today’s music industry. 

I highly recommend you check out “Weird Flex” here!


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