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Groove Along With Cory Stone In His Newest Summer Hit “Cosa Nostra”

Independent star from South Carolina, Cory Stone’s launch into the music industry is unforgettable. His third time featured on BuzzMusic, Cory Stone keeps releasing remarkable hits that we just have to hear. All of his singles, including his other successful release “Mango City” can be found on every major streaming platform. Cory promises his music will make you groove like your mama used to.

Self-made and equipped with a sound to die for, Cory Stone dropped his latest summer sizzle, “Cosa Nostra”. Vibrant and alluring beats fused with Cory’s ocean like vocals make for a new wave sound. “Cosa Nostra” loosely translates to “our thing” and that's what this song represents. Cory belts out expert lyricism that reels in the listener with every word. This is one of those tracks you can bump in your car, at a party, or just a song to chill to. “Cosa Nostra” boasts a certain versatility and polished sound that has us addicted. “Cosa Nostra” is a toe-tapping and light-hearted single that will surely be rising to the top. With so much success already, Cory Stone is a star on the consistent rise. If you’re not keeping up with him already, I highly recommend you do so because he’s driving in the fast lane and showing no signs of slowing down.

Check out “Cosa Nostra” here and read more in our interview below!

Welcome back Cory! Can you start by introducing yourself to our newer readers and ell us what you’ve been up to?

What’s up beautiful people! 

For all of you who dont know me , my name is Cory Stone and I’m an independent artist from South Carolina . spanning across several genres and lanes . 

We love the track and video for “Cosa Nostra”! What inspired this song?

So for Cosa Nostra the real inspiration behind the curtains was the subject of “loyalty “ . How it used to be VS how it is now . I wanted to project the best vibe possible while still retaining some of that classic Italian mafia nostalgia

How did you get started in music? How old were you when you realized it was your passion?

I’ve been involved with music since before I can even  remember . My dad introduced me to the guitar and ever since then it’s been a wrap! The earliest memory I have is playing a tennis racket pretending it was a guitar . So that’s pretty awesome ! I realized it was really my passion and calling after my father passed and life hit me in the face like a wrecking ball! It came thru pain that i discovered this . Like all true purposes are reviled


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