Hannah Gross Brings Gifts of Irresistible Allure and Self-Deprecation in Her New Single "Birthday"

February 21 | BuzzMusic

In her new single, "Birthday", Hannah Gross is so good at being bad, that we can’t get enough. Pairing brazen lyrics with an uptempo electro-pop beat, Hannah creates an edgy tune; one that we can’t help but love. "Birthday," tells a story from the point of view of a selfish, sexy, and volatile woman in a relationship with a good guy. Because of manufactured drama, she forgets his birthday and brainstorms a way to make it up to him. In the midst of it all, we are left to wonder, why does he stay with her? But as the chorus answers the question. Hannah sings, ‘I’ll let you lick the frosting off of my cake’. I know many of us can relate to this scenario, or maybe you’ve been in that guy’s shoes.

Either way, this song is an example of great songwriting on Hannah’s part. It sets aside the voice of the protagonist. Instead, the song lets the antagonist acknowledge their selfish and self-deprecating behavior. I know folks that can’t even do that in real life, nevermind in a structured song laid within a dynamic pop beat. Hannah is pushing boundaries with her song-writing and has become canonized within the Dark-Pop genre, pulling inspiration from some of her musical influences, such as Lykke Li, Miley Cyrus, and Banks. Originally a Detroit native, Hannah now resides in Los Angeles, pursuing her music and writing ingeniously bold lyrics for the deliciously bad.

Listen to "Birthday" here.

Hey Hannah, welcome to Buzz Music and thank you for being here! Birthday is an incredible song for a few reasons; 1. It’s infectious beat and 2. It’s brazen lyrics! What was going through your mind when you wrote this song? Hey, thanks for having me back! "Birthday" is a song I wrote during a time when good love presented itself right to my face and I didn’t recognize it. I was still bitter and angry and kind of wallowing over a past relationship that I wasn’t able to see a great one right in front of me--so much so that I forgot this great new guy's birthday on December 4th. And then I had the audacity to text him ON his birthday about something entirely irrelevant. I realized I must have mentally blocked it out because I was thinking about my ex’s birthday, which happens to be on December 5th. Looks like I have a pattern. Oops.

You pride yourself on writing bold lyrics, Birthday does not disappoint in that regard. Why is it so important that you write music that catches people off guard and tells stories that we don't often hear?

I like to show my personality as much as possible through my work. I’m loud, I’m sarcastic, and I have little to no filter...so I obviously let that bleed into my music. Also, I wanted to put a new spin on a relatable topic, which in this case is reckless behavior post breakups, and the best way for me to share my story is by getting right to the point in my lyrics.

You have mentioned that you’re influenced by Banks, Lykke Li and Miley Cyrus to name a few. After listening to their music, at what point did you decide to begin making your own music and telling your stories?

There is no better feeling than listening to a song for the first time and just instantly being hit with such an emotional connection. The way that these musicians make you feel heard and included in their stories is what really drew me to writing my own music. I love the way that music can make vulnerability so strong, and these musicians really bare it all and inspire me to do the same.

You are originally from Detroit but currently reside in Los Angeles. What influenced your decision to move to the City of Dreams?

Well, for starters it’s fucking cold in Michigan. I miss my family very much, but I have found a home here in LA and I am always visiting Michigan to get the fix of my loved ones.

What can we expect to see from Hannah Gross throughout 2020? More music more music more music. Don’t get sick of me yet—I’m just getting started.


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