"Hard for Me" & "Love a Good Thing": A Look at Artist Angel Dweh's Tracks This Year

We want to highlight Angel Dweh today because of his fun and lively approach to the Electronic/Pop music scene. As a Los Angeles based singer/songwriter, actor, and dancer, Angel Dweh has a lot on his plate! Angel Dweh's busy schedule doesn't compromise his sound. We feel that he transforms his creative ideologies into the very expressive sound we hear, and he communicates it well. One release that we heard from Angel Dweh, "Hard for Me", embedded a list of components that were on our checklist as listeners! A prominent feature of the track was how subsisting it was. The track maintained its upbeat rhythm while featuring the vocal outflow from Angel Dweh. There wasn't one part of the "Hard for Me" where we weren't entertained in at least some way--you'll have to give it a listen to understand what we mean there.

Another exclusive track released from Angel Dweh this year was titled "Love a Good Thing". Similar to the previous song, Angel Dweh transforms in a serious contrasting way. His voice has more of a natural and raw element to it here. A notable feature of this release is the distinguished production. The blend of synths contributing to the atmosphere of "Love a Good Thing" makes the song sound almost celestial at some times. At others, we're held hypnotized by the prominent blend featured near the chorus. It's aggressive to some extent but creates such a trippy ambiance. We appreciate the vocal presents from Angel Dweh, and how he managed to insert transformational R&B elements to elevate his execution. We can already imagine his performances--mystic, atmospheric, and super fun!

Listen to Angel Dweh here!

Hello Angel Dweh! Welcome to the BuzzMusic community. Let's dive right into the music. Out of the two singles released this year, which one did you feel better connected with? To be honest, I feel connected with both of the singles, they both have a story that talks about relationships but also loving within a relationship. 

Was there anything you'd change about your artistic 2019 year?

I feel that in 2019 I give my artistic ability to be me and not trying to be someone or try to sound like another artist.  When I first put out these singles, I was like no one going to get my message or my sound, but then when I start getting comments on Youtube, emails, and texts from people who are now my fans saying that they love my sound. I then realized I don't have to sound like anyone else.

There are tons of different elements incorporated into your overall sounding. The blend of such contrasting sounds develops almost an eclectic atmosphere within your music. How do you go about the creative process in picking the various melodies and rhythms to put together with your vocals to create the very sound that is Angel Dweh?

I love adversity, as an artist, I love to have different elements within my work. I grow up listening to different elements or styles of music, such as Gospel, R&B, Hip Hop, Pop, Afro Pop, and Afro-beat. Therefore creating and having different elements in my sound is to reach variest of people. However, picking my melodies and rhythms come easy when I am in the writing process.

It's been an impressive year for your artistic career, with the release of both "Hard for Me" and "Love a Good Thing", as well as your magazine feature with SKINGS! How do you feel about how your year went regarding the progression of your artistry?

I feel my year was an amazing first start in the music industry for an independent artist like me, and being a feature in SkINGS magazine was an amazing promote push fro my two singles.  However, I am working on getting more magazines feature for next year where I can promote my shoe line and my brand, but also tell my story to a more broad audience.

You're a performing artist, no doubt! How do you feel when you're on stage performing for your listeners? How does this performing aspect differ from performing in your acting/dancing career?! 

When I am on stage performing for my fans or listeners, I feel more self-confidence by giving then a hundred present, so it is me being on stage and show my fans what I am cable of doing live performance. However, with acting, I tell a story to my audience so they can see it and see themself in the story but also making sure they see the truth because acting is not in the script, it's giving the truth. 

Thanks, Angel Dweh for coming on BuzzMusic to discuss your 2019 from a music standpoint. We hope to see your sound transform even further in the year to come! For now, what is Angel Dweh doing next?

Next, I have launched my shoe line, known as Shop Angel on Instagram and Shop Angel Dwehon facebook. I am working on selling merchandise in the second quarter of next year. I am also working on finding a management team or a manager to go forward expanding my sound to a new audience but also to get sign by a record label.