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Hari Nandu Creates Beauty From Grief on His New Release “Sedona”

Celebrating every life that has touched ours is crucial, whether big or small.

Drawing inspiration from the incredible and powerful force that is life, Manhattan Lower East Side’s Hari Nandu has consistently found ways to stand out at every corner of his musical career.

Sculpting emotive landscapes with his electric solo bass prowess, Hari skillfully intertwines jazz and classical music elements. If not wholly dedicated to his craft, he performs with the same pure love for bass that virtuosos like Michael Manring, Damian Coccio, and Jeff Schmidt have channeled on their paths to stardom and mastery. As Nandu continues to make a name for himself, he’s one you will want to watch in the future.

Between his skills and his unadulterated, pure love for music, in Hari Nandu, we’ve found an exceedingly exciting artist who feels incredibly easy to root for genuinely. For Hari Nandu, music isn’t just a tool for base-level enjoyment; it’s a phenomenon and transformational power that provides the opportunity for healing in times of profound grief. Having dealt with loss, Nandu desires to touch the souls of many people, healing with his music one soul at a time.

Nandu’s debut release, “Sedona,” transcends the boundaries of instrumental expression, serving as a heartfelt tribute to a dear friend’s departed daughter. This poignant composition memorializes a brief yet impactful life that radiated a vital spirit that touched both family and friends who got to meet her. Fittingly, the instrumental performance isn’t loud or outwardly powerful. Nandu takes a gentle approach, with tender chords and progressions making the backbone of this offering. There’s a sense of loss but also one of quiet celebration. Sometimes, you can say the world without uttering a word, and that’s what Nandu has done here.

Hari Nandu’s debut release, “Sedona,” is a beautiful yet cathartic creation born from Hari's loss and determination to turn it into something consequential and special. Whenever you’re ready, tap in and stream Hari Nandu’s latest release, “Sedona”, on all majour streaming platforms.


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