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He’s Back! Overflow Drops New Single “B.T.T.B. Club”

Back again and better than ever, Overflow is always bringing us his fire tracks. “B.T.T.B Club” is a dope new track that focuses heavily on Overflow’s hip-hop/R&B side. He weaves through confident bars and tells his intricate story of why he’s rising to the top. With expert verses and a lyrical diverse flow, Overflow is on his way to the top with singles like “B.T.T.B Club”. Standing for Bad To The Bone, “B.T.T.B Club” is a members only collective of people with the same mindset as Overflow. To hustle hard and make it big takes the kind of hard work and dedication that Overflow has poured into his worked. He puts his blood, sweat and tears on display in the most sonically pleasing ways. Overflow curates music to both challenges and galvanized the current industry. He breaks down genre barriers and throws himself into any sound he finds appealing to him, not letting the rules slow him down. 

Multi-talented and self-made, Overflow has established his eclectic style from his life experiences. As an open-minded artist, he takes elements from music all around the world to create a unique sonic landscape that will strike your soul. Overflow is a gifted guitarist, poet, producer, and rapper all in one. Combining all of these facets, it allows him to have an intimate relationship with his music and have the utmost control of it.

 I highly recommend you check out “B.T.T.B Club” here and read more below in our exclusive interview!

Hey Overflow! Welcome back! What have you been up to between your release of “Brasil” and your new single “B.T.T.B Club”?

It’s great to be back! Since my release of Brasil, I’ve been working hard, networking with new artists, in the studio day and night to crank out new songs, and preparing for an album release in late August, early September. I’m really excited to show you all what I have in store for you!

What’s your new song “B.T.T.B. Club” about? Can you dive into the lyricism?

So the name B.T.T.B Club came from a relative of mine. When we were talking about my future, he said, “You’re a Robinson,” (my family last name),” so that makes you apart of the B.T.T.B Club. Do you know what that is?” When I first heard him say that, I had absolutely no clue what that meant. So I told him no and he told me, “It’s the Bad to the Bone Club”. After I heard that, I just laughed uncontrollably. It was the perfect dad joke to be honest. And I immediately had to archive it so that I could use it on my own friends. 

So going off that, B.T.T.B Club is basically an anthem for people that are truly bad to the bone. Bad meaning the AAVE version of bad, which means “I’m cool” or “I’m slick”.

Lyric wise, I wanted people to feel like that character I portray in my song, someone that is on top of everything. “Bitch I’m bad to the Bone, that’s my throne” I’m basically saying I’m already a king, there is no debate about it. My credentials are set. Going into the first verse I use the word “reichs” to further the idea of a kingdom or empire. Then the next lyric I say, “I’m blessed by the best you should pipe down”. This was inspired from my grandma. My family is religious, we’re Christians, and when I called my Grandma who recently had some health complications but is healing from it, she told us that she’s “blessed by the best” so she’ll be getting along just fine. When God is protecting you, “No weapon formed against you shall prosper” so it’s best that you stop making commotion about me and go about your day.

I then dive in to a faster paced flow and hit the listener with something a bit more profound,”I’ma fly nigga, don’t try me nigga, 6- figures, I’ma do it bigger, generational victor”. Something that I want to do with my music and my life is to bring everyone else that's around me up with me. Victories and accomplishments are meant to be shared with others. Wealth means nothing if it’s not put towards the purpose of bettering other people's lives. So with any type of fortune I gain off of music, I want it to be put towards bettering my own people and freeing them from financial shackles.  “You know I always say, when I eat, the squad’s eatin”.

Who are your top musical influences? How do they inspire you?

Top Top? Or just Top? It’s actually kind of funny but a lot of my influences aren’t even hip hop related. I listened to a lot of instrumental music for a long time so some producers that inspire me are: Reso, Billain, Vospi, Ivy Lab. They have taught me to keep on innovating with my music and not to settle for something that everyone else has heard of already. Billain was actually the final push I needed to start professionally pursuing music. In the rap realm, A Tribe Called Quest, Kendrick Lamar, JPEGMAFIA. The combination of those three really keep me in the right space. JPEGMAFIA inspires me to channel my energetic and chaotic side, Kendrick inspires my lyrics to stay poetic and Quest helps inspire me to talk about anything about life. Rest in Peace Phife. 

How would you describe your live performance?

Completely electric. I want the audience to be as involved in the performance as I am so I like to go into the crowd and start rapping. Soon enough, I’m going to have people moshing to my music once I start performing my more high energy songs. I bring people up on the stage so they can rock out with me. I even get short interviews to see if they are liking the show! The people that come to the shows are the ones giving me the platform to share my music so I have to bring my all and give them an amazing experience. I’ve converted people that dont like rap into becoming a rap fan because of the energy I brought to the stage. 

Do you have any upcoming shows or events you’d like to talk about?

Of course! I’m stationed out in Ithaca currently and I’m playing an all day festival on September 7th. Ithaca Underground is running the event and they know how to put together amazing shows.  If you’re in the area, you should definitely come through so you can watch me and other amazing artists!


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