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"HeadPhones Music" By Terry L Harris: A 10-Track Journey Through Sound And Time

Hailing from Toledo, Ohio, is songwriter, producer, and talented musician Terry L Harris with his recent 10-track soul-food album, HeadPhones Music.

The Toledo-born artist taught himself guitar at the age of 15, influenced by icons like Prince and Stevie Wonder. Having played in local bands in the 80s and church for seven years, Harris went on to play lead guitar for the 2016 Ohio Best Band award winner, Fu5ion. It wasn't until 2019 that Harris transitioned into music production, aiming to enhance the listener's moment with personal, thought-provoking pieces rather than dominate it.

Back and better than ever, Terry L Harris recently released his dynamic adventure of an album dubbed HeadPhones Music, and that's exactly what this project is. Composed of 10 vastly different tunes designed to be played through earphones/headphones, this instrumental record effortlessly transports listeners to new sonic dimensions, traveling through the eras and genres in style.

The album kicks off with the introductory track, "Chasing Time," pouncing through the speakers with a heavy country/rock tone while balancing the experience with soft, lush chimes. As the radiant beat drops, Terry L Harris throws us into a dynamic electronic atmosphere with riveting electric guitars and danceable percussion. This mighty instrumental sets the tone for the tracks to follow while showcasing Terry L Harris' production and musical prowess.

In track number two, "(imperfections)Everybody Wants to Rule the World," Terry L Harris takes us back to the 80s with a soulful, smooth instrumental alongside contemporary production elements for a well-rounded listening experience. This feel-good song offers a stunning instrumental version of Tears For Fears' classic 1985 hit of the same name, offering a dash of familiarity while feeding listeners a new side of an already loved song.

Onto the album's third track, "Things I Should've Said," we're met with a soothing electric guitar introduction similar to the sound and style of Prince. While the downtempo percussion melts through the speakers alongside the sweetest guitar melodies, Terry L Harris expands the song with chilling electronic pads and added instrumentals for a truly cinematic listening experience, closing like the end of a modern-day fairytale.

Upping the energy on track number four, "Something New," Terry L Harris picks his electric guitar alongside mid-tempo r&b drums that tap through the speakers on a sweet, sultry note. As the song gradually expands with lush guitar melodies and ethereal background notes, we sink further into Terry L Harris' creativity with added drums on the outro for a well-rounded, dynamic experience.

Keeping that same modern flair is the album's fifth track, "I Just Wanna," bouncing through the speakers with an upbeat and soulful instrumental arrangement. As the drums keep our toes tapping alongside the groovy bassline and sweet synth melodies, Terry L Harris shows what he's made of, absolutely sparking our speakers with nothing but good vibes. It's a sonically delicious and exciting tune that kept us hooked 'til the very last beat.

Reaching the album's second half with track number six, "Me," Terry L Harris dives into a more personal and intimate piece. As the atmospheric and soothing melodies ooze through the speakers, we're greeted by a chilling bassline alongside bright guitar melodies and tight drum breaks for added depth. It's a soulful, emotional piece that highlights Terry L Harris' personal journey and his ups and downs, even without saying a single word.

On the album's seventh track, "Most Days," the energy is at a high, pumping through the speakers with a powerful hip-hop-like beat alongside Terry L Harris' vibrant electric guitar and groovy keys. This danceable tune is another prime showcase of Terry L Harris's skilled production, leaving listeners at the edge of their seats, not knowing what to expect. Infused with modernity and passion, this dynamic instrumental hits in all the right places.

Taking us back to the soulful 70s is track number eight, "Give You What You Asked For," melting into the introduction with shimmering background pads, a tight bassline, moody electric guitar strums, and sweet keys. This ear-pleasing tune is like a slice of a good day, perfectly encapsulating its radiance and good vibes, and Terry L Harris effortlessly conveys these themes with his skilled, well-rounded production and instrumentals.

Onto track number nine, "That Part," Terry L Harris throws us into an exhilarating atmosphere with a killer bassline that leads us into groovy keys and energy-packed drums. With the bass as the main source of intrigue, Terry L Harris slaps it with style and authority, commanding our attention while sending us to the dancefloor. This funky and danceable tune is one of our favorites on the album, bestowing nothing but good vibes and a good time.

Reaching the album's outro track, "Wherever You Go (Bonus Track)," Terry L Harris soothes the ears instantly with a harmonious piano melody alongside reverbed guitar plucks and chilling keys. The song's dynamic production that gradually leads to another cinematic outro is a true treat for the years. This personal and intimate piece is the perfect album closer, soothing the soul with gentle melodies while closing the record on a passionate, feel-good note.

Looking for a new soundtrack to your days? Feast your ears on Terry L Harris' eclectic and genre-defying 10-track album, HeadPhones Music, now available on all digital streaming platforms.


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