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Heavy Sounds Descend Upon Your Ears On Remember The Monsters Latest Release: ‘Sink’

Listening to ‘Sink’ from Remember the Monsters is the epitome of pent-up adrenaline lurking within, which erupts ten seconds into the track with heavy grunge guitars and crushing drums. These guys are charged! There has to be a multitude electrical outlets and wires on stage for these guys, because every guitar is plugged in and AMPED! This is rock n’ roll! On their latest single ‘Sink:’ the guitars are here and they are loud, the drums are smashing, bashing, pounding, and rolling out like a thunderous shelf cloud, the lead singer envelopes the track in a dark cloak, setting the mood with his powerful, raspy voice- if that’s not rock n’ roll we don’t know what is. Remember The Monsters have already made a huge footprint on the Rock scene earning over 5 MILLION streams across Spotify, iTunes, and YouTube from the release of their single, ‘The Pieces Remain.’ Now with their latest release ‘Sink’ to streaming platforms a mere two weeks ago, the track is quickly racking up streams and views, receiving overwhelming feedback.

Remember the Monsters is a band assembled of members from Arizona, California, Texas, and South Carolina. After the bands initial launch they found themselves in a bit of a predicament when they lost their front man; enter former ‘The Colour You’ singer: Julian Comeau. Julian’s vocal range, energy, melodic and powerful vocals immediately meshed with the writing style of songwriter, Ashten Banks, propelling their music into the radio-friendly and hard hitting sound Remember the Monsters are known for. Click the link to stream ‘Sink’ today!

We loved your latest release ‘Sink’. Can you tell our readers the meaning of the song and how it came together? 

“Sink” is a metaphorical depiction of the all too common situation of a person being drug down by negative forces; people, substances, addictions, etc. It’s about the struggle of fighting back and finding the will to rise up and persevere from, and against those forces, not only to survive, but to break away from them entirely.

(let them sink, drown).

Where does a name like Remember the Monsters come from?

Imaginary creatures that are typically large, ugly, and frightening. Reminding us to never forget all the pieces and experiences that make us who we are, good or bad. May be a reference to a popular tv show, we'll let you figure it out.

Where do you draw your inspiration from when writing lyrics? 

Real life experiences that provoke evocative feelings, and emotions. Music & lyrics being a primary outlet as opposed to stuffing every inch of yourself into a bottle, it all comes out in the music. It's the stuff you want to say but don't.

You guys are heavy giggers, what about the live scene propels you to continue creating music? 

There is no better feeling than putting your heart and soul into a song and having it resonate with a live audience so much to the point where they’re singing back the words you wrote. Just the knowledge alone that you helped someone in their own personal life and they're right there in the audience reciprocating that energy back to you. It's amazing. 

What’s next for you guys?

World Domination. We've got stuff in the works that we're excited about. New music, promotions. Don't want to spill too much


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