“Here Alone” by Rachel Mintz Gives You a Glimpse Into Her New EP

Rachel Mintz has dropped a brand-new EP and we couldn’t be more excited. Originally from Florida, the artist moved to Los Angeles back in 2004 to pursue a career in music, which has always been close to her heart. Growing up, Rachel belonged to a very musical family, and began writing her own songs at just 8 years old. She sang and traveled in bands for a while until decided to go solo, and her new song “Here Alone” along with many others is the result of tremendous hard work and collaboration.

Here Alone” is a track off of Rachel’s new EP 'Shed A Tear', a beautiful song about trying to break free from something holding you back. The song is slow and serene, allowing you to get lost in the music and Rachel’s soft, flowing vocals. She has a well-developed tone and sings every note with purpose, truly from the heart. Her voice is accompanied by smooth and airy instrumentals, perfectly complimenting the mood of the song. The otherworldly atmosphere of the song takes you on a journey through Rachel’s emotions, as she sings about wanting to start again. She feels stuck and her lyrics tell a story of a cry for help, all tied up into a delicate and meaningful song. Rachel Mintz has a talent for creating a connection with her listeners, which will carry her a long way as an artist.

Check out “Here Alone” for yourself by clicking here.

Hey Rachel Mintz, welcome to BuzzMusic! We’re moved by your heartfelt and touching lyrics on your song “Kick Me”. Could you share what sparked the initial inspiration for writing the tender song?

Thank you so much, it’s a pleasure!

I wrote the lyrics during the early stages of a relationship when I wasn’t sure about the feelings or intentions of my partner. My ruminating thoughts can become so agonizing at times, it might be easier if someone would just kick me!

We’ve heard that recent EP “Shed a Tear” had a variety of producer/engineer collaborations. With your track “Kick Me” off the EP, how was the creative process with these producers/engineers, and what did Rachel Mintz takeaway from the experience?

Kick Me was the first song on the EP we recorded so I was really just becoming acquainted with the boys. As you become more comfortable with the people you’re collaborating with it’s easier to experiment with ideas. When Shane and Ian asked me what kind of percussion I was thinking for the track, I beatboxed my idea and they both thought it was perfect. I thought they were out of their minds but it ended up being the main percussion line of the track. There were some psychedelics involved that helped open up new pathways for experimentation. I think my biggest takeaway was to learn to trust my arrangement ideas.

After moving from Miami to Los Angeles to start your music career, Rachel Mintz took a long break in between creation. How did this time off impact your approach to music, did it let you change aspects of your sound or experiment with something new?

I honestly thought I was done with music. It wasn’t until I experienced a traumatic event and was left with time alone that I started to write again. I was always in such a rush when I was younger. I was determined on my recent journey to create the best songs I possibly could and was absolutely meticulous about every detail of the tracks. Somehow that wasn’t an utmost priority for me before. As far as changing my sound and starting something new, I don’t really have an agenda. I just write whatever feels right. I guess as I’ve gotten older I’ve mellowed out. My old bands were very aggressive. Maybe now I have less angst and more wisdom.

With your recent EP “Shed a Tear” making waves across the music industry, could you speak on the EP’s overall theme and what you want your audience to take away from it?

I never set out for an overall theme but once it was completed and I could look back and reflect on the EP in its totality, the constant theme was pain. Working through pain, being open and honest about pain. Nothing is more rewarding than for people to be moved by my music. If it makes people feel something, I can’t ask for more than that.

What are you doing to keep inspired during these difficult times?

It’s not that easy for me to feel inspired at the moment but listening to music I love helps as well as forcing myself to practice. It’s hard to focus right now. I know inspiration can’t be forced but when I keep working that muscle I know eventually the right hook or bridge will come out when it’s ready.