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Hevve Indulges Listeners in Introspection With, "Balcony Tours and Marble Floors"

Versatile with what he brings to the table, Ottawa native Hevve has been leaving an imprint on the music industry since 2017. Known for his lyrical finesse, and his ability to transform a beat into a canvas of musical genius, the perseverance that flows through his work ethic is what sets him apart from the rest.

Returning with his second single release of 2021, we get to embrace the lyrical dexterity of Hevve on his latest single, “Balcony Tours and Marble Floors.” A collaborative effort between himself and producer extraordinaire Quest from Dreamland Studios, the cognizant embrace of the instrumentation lets this creative duo thrive in a realm that showcases their abilities at eminent heights.

Hevve presents his artistry in a way that allows him to personally connect with his audience through slick cadences and intricate rhyme schemes. Upon first listen, your ears are immediately open to the hunger that blatantly announces itself in Hevve’s vocal tone as he casts out vivid imagery that speaks into the energy he conveys.

We get to appreciate this track in various forms as the beat drops just before the halfway mark, and Hevve exudes a more melodic approach to the way listeners can resonate with lyrical motifs such as, ‘things from the past try to call up cause they lonely.

Getting back to the songs' cemented flow and conscious reiteration of words that hold a great significance to the artist, what we take away from “Balcony Tours and Marble Floors” is that Hevve is always one to bring life to the verses that he lays down. With his lyrics leaping from the speakers as we envision the candid narrative that is disbursed through this record, Hevve has us mesmerized by his artistic capabilities as an artist in the new wave of Hip-hop where he reminds listeners that lyrics still matter.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Hevve! Congratulations on the release of the lyrically charged single “Balcony Tours and Marble Floors.” With this song being your second single release of 2021, where did the inspiration for your carefully crafted verses stem from?

First off, I just want to say bless to your team. I appreciate and love what you guys are doing for independent artists. A whole lot of respect from my ends. That being said, “Balcony Tours and Marble Floors” was crafted during my venture to Toronto. I lived in a sky rise and one night I looked out over my balcony and took in the energy of the big city atmosphere. It was a moment that kind of woke me up from a slumber where my hunger and my craving had vanished. I watched closely how people can turn from kings to canceled in seconds. I learned from those who made success a lifestyle and saw how they thrive in this social chaos. It was basically an awakening of my inner self saying that if I want to cross over to that lifestyle then I need to want it and walk like I deserve it. Throughout the song I talk about how I've had these tools all along but my soul wouldn't allow me to use them because I would have done it for the wrong reason. Finding myself made the hunger and the craving return stronger than ever.

In terms of your creative process, did you happen to have the lyrics written down before hearing the instrumentation, or did they naturally flow once you had finally heard the beat?

I always write on a beat. I used to just write bars and memorize them but felt that my vibe and my energy matched better when I was able to craft bars and place them at the right spots, to keep an atmosphere throughout. I want to take you on a journey whenever one of my songs comes on. Picking the right beat, for the right subject, and current mood of the moment is key to captivating the audience with the atmosphere I want to bring to them.

Comparing “Balcony Tours and Marble Floors” to the previously released ‘Judas,’ what would you say was the biggest difference in the way you approached the themes addressed? What does the narrative behind this newly released track say about you as an artist and individual?

The way I approached them was that one was about what I've been witnessing and living on a personal, basically talking man to man, level. While on the other it was more me addressing how I've been evolving on the creative and entrepreneurial level. On 'JUDAS,' I touched on injustices, real life hurdles and emotional things. On "BTAMF," this Spoken were much more on the side of "Yo, Hevve's back and he just discovered how to turn Super Saiyan." I spent the last few years trying to find myself and my place in the industry. This song is about me coming to that realization and embracing it. This song is the official transition point of the New Hevve.

What’s your mission statement as an artist? How do you ensure that everything you do within your brand allows this statement to remain true?

I'm a voice for the silent. A voice for the muted. A voice for the introverts. If you overthink and overthink, I'm a voice for you. Spent too much of my life pondering what I should do instead of doing it. My favorite saying is "Life is chaos, but it's in that chaos that you find beauty." I'm just here as a voice of reason, understanding and soul for those who need it, in a time where chaos screams the loudest. My goal is to always stay true to myself and maintain my energy. No matter what song I get on, you can bet you'll get that same Hevve feel every damn time.

What’s next for you?

As far as what's coming next for Hevve, I have to say, my entrepreneurial mind has big plans and projects lined up for the next few years. Ottawa has the potential to be a beacon for artists of all genres and I aim to leave my mark and devoting my time to make sure that happens. As far as the music goes, I've got tracks on hot plates, in the kitchen, ready to be served. Stay tuned for more singles, videos and performances, as I construct the next album.


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