HeyHolly Proves Love at First Sight Is Real in Nostalgic Single, “Vinyl”

Adelaide-based duo HeyHolly may be new to the music scene, but they are already proving why they are a band to keep your eye on.

This up-and-coming band is comprised of members Cruise and Bryce, friends of over a decade who finally joined forces in 2021 to collaborate musically, and we are very happy they did. HeyHolly debuted towards the end of 2021 with their single ‘RWS’ (Red Wine Season) and have managed to quickly garner a fanbase in the Adelaide music scene.

Their latest release, “Vinyl”, tells the story of love at first sight in a record store, when a young boy picks up a clear vinyl and falls in love with the reflection of the girl looking back at him. Their passion for their craft is undeniable, and we can’t wait to see what they are able to come up with next.

Now, let’s dive into their track, “Vinyl”. This song is infused with nostalgic elements of Pop and Hip-Hop. Melodic, light keys help to support an enticing beat, maintaining energy and drive throughout the song. Smooth, powerful vocals lure in the listener throughout the hooks, like punching, dynamic bars cut through the track over the course of the verses.

HeyHolly perfectly encapsulates the feeling of love at first sight with their track, “Vinyl”. Their engaging vocal performances are backed with an upbeat, energized set of production elements that combine perfectly to create this dynamic Pop/Hip-Hop infused track.

Go and show HeyHolly some love and listen to their latest single, “Vinyl” now, available on all streaming platforms.